Nov 26, 2010

Beautiful Images to get Inspired

I've been inspired to choose the next photos to show it to all of you, to tell you through images that is good to feel good. Maybe I am a litle crazy, but you what they say: 'A litle crazy help you through the day' and the next article will show you that :). The images are from all over the world, from the most beautiful places that if you get the oportunity, you should visited and see some interesting animals there. First are some pictures taken on Transfagarasan, Romania on a sunny day.
On the 22.10.2010 the sun is shining all over the valley crossed by a long road.

The same day, but a different angle.

Try to see this sight with a litle more snow.

And now some pure water from the mountain.

Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii

Fish go into a frenzy around me as scraps of food are dropped into the water by people on the boat.

Clownfish and Bubble

Tipped Anemone - Bleached by high water temperatures, this bubble-tipped anemone is largely devoid of the algae that provide color as well as energy from photosynthesis. Though stressed, it will likely survive and continue to serve its clownfish.

Underwater Cave, Bahamas

The Cascade Room, some 80 feet (24 meters) beneath the surface, leads divers deeper into Dan's Cave on Abaco Island. Nearly seven miles (11 kilometers) of the cave have been explored since the mid-1990s.

Ice Canyon, Greenland

Meltwater has carved a canyon 150 feet (45 meters) deep.

Autumn Leaves, Japan

"The road gods beckoned." Thus the poet Matsuo Basho set off in 1689 into Japan’s backcountry. His journal, Narrow Road to a Far Province, described a path, still visible on Natagiri Pass, that devotees have followed ever since.


Hunted to death in much of India, tigers survive in Kaziranga National Park.

Peacock, Sarasota

I found this peacock last April while touring downtown Sarasota, Florida. He seemed willing to have his picture taken so I obliged him!



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