Dec 30, 2010

Customizing Info Privacy

Customizing Info Privacy

Customizing Info Privacy
When I first started out on Facebook, I had decided to add to my friends list only people that I knew personally, so I filled out all the details in my Info tab. Then I started getting friend requests from online acquaintances or even strangers and I realized I couldn't display certain contact information to these people. As I was about to delete the info, I realized that you can customize privacy settings for each individual item in your Contact Information. Here's how:

1.Click the Info tab on your profile.
2.Hover your mouse over the Contact Information portion.
3.Click on the Edit button that appears on its upper right corner.

4.Click on the padlock icon next to each item and select Customize.
5.Select Some Friends and choose only the friends or networks that you want to allow. You can even put exceptions.

Another way to do this is to hover your mouse over Settings (beside Logout), then click on Privacy Settings. There you can control your privacy settings for your Profile, Search, News Feed and Wall, and Applications.

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