Dec 13, 2010

Delete undeletable files in windows XP and Vista

Some files and folders are undeletable for example virus affected files and folders, when we try to delete them, it will show an error message like Cannot delete file: the file is in use by the other program or it can be like Disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use or any other such kind error message. Now here is trick to delete such kind of files
for this you simply need to download a freeware tool called Unlocker.
You can download this free. Follow these steps:

1). Download unlocker and then install it.

2). After installation, right click on file or folder that you want to delete.

3). Select the option Unlocker.

4). If your requested file or folder is used or locked by other application then a small window listing of lockers will appear.

5). Here simply click on Unlock All button.

6). Now you can easily delete this file by just pressing delete button of your keyboard.

Click here to download unlocker.

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