Dec 11, 2010

Display wheather forecasts on status bar of mozilla firefox

If you have habit to go through weather reports of your city daily then you need not to browse websites for it. Now you have better option, you can get instant whether information and forecasts on status bar of Mozilla firefox.
The Forecastfox extension does just that, displaying weather information from AccuWeather. To install follow these steps:

1. Select
Tools - Add-Ons.
2. In Add-Ons dialog box
Click the Get Add-ons button.
3. In the search box, type
forecastfox and press the magnifying glass.
4. The Forecastfox extension is displayed . Click the
Add to Firefox button.
5. Then in Software Installation dialog box click
Install Now.

6. When add-on has installed, click the Restart Firefox button.
Then when you start firefox a Forecastfox Options dialog box appears:

1. In this window click the Find Code button under forecast loction.
2. The Forecastfox Location Search dialog box appears. Enter your city and state/country and press Search.
3. Select the
proper match and click OK.
4. Then in Forecastfox Options dialog box
click OK to accept the standard settings.

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