Dec 14, 2010

Hack BSNL For Free GPRS Both mobile And PC

For connection on your mobile phone, Go with the following steps:-
1)First of all Make two connections like bsnlportal and BSNLPORTAL1
(names of profile don’t matter, u can also keep one as billgates and shahrukhkhan lol..the main purpose of names is to enable the user to differentiate between the two accounts,)

2) Now you have to Select the application you got to have the full connection working on.
Surpassingly “web” now select “bsnlportal” profile and then select a link like the page will get open, then press the red button such that the “web” application goes in the background.
Please note that gprs connection must still be established with the web app. Two parallel lines on the top left of the screen wil do confirm this.

3) Next open any other application that requires web connection like firefox, etc.
Seletc BSNLPORTAL and open any link like, will get error –
the aim of using the other app is to perform multi-channel gprs,
this is verified by seeing some dots on the pre-existing connection established by “web”

(step 2)
“Access denied.
Technical description:
403 Forbidden - You are not allowed to communicate with the requested resource.”

4) close opera and open web and open a site like

5) if everything is done as said here then esato will load and voila! We have the whole internet!

For connection on pc.

1)create a connection and enter the number to be dialed as *99***1#

2) enter the following string as extra initialization command

3)now dial from pc, the connection will be established

4)pick the phone and open “web” open “” the phone shows error .

5) close “web” and then from the browser open
and tes you are all done.
apn: celloneportal
port : 8080

Leave every other thing blank, its not gonna do much concern.

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