Dec 13, 2010

Make Trojans And Keyloggers Undetectable-

First, get your trojan, virus or keylogger, or server or w/e you plan on using to become undetectable, and get it ready. Fix it up, create it, whatever.

My personal favorite
keylogger: Ardamax Keylogger

Now that you have your trojan, virus or keylogger or w/e harmful ready, its time to make it UNDETECED!

1. Download Software Passport (Armadillo) by Silicon Realms. This is THE best binder out there I know of, it makes everything %100 UNDETECTABLE BY ALL ANTIVIRUSES (including Norton, Kaspersky, Avast, etc)… The direct link to dl the program is here:

There is a form to fill out information, so put in your real email address, and then you’ll recieve a download link in your email (it might be in Spam, Junk mail section so beware.)

2. Once you download the program, install it.
3. Once installed, you open it up and see this:

This is the program. Now that you have it open, you might be confused on what to do, right? Well, this is what you do!

1. Download this pre-made settings. These settings are pre-made on the net so you won’t be confused. Everything is working.


DOWNLOAD THIS FOR THE BACKUP (You need this in the same location as the projects.arm file) YOU NEED THIS FILE ALSO!

Now, when you download these files, and you put them in the SAME FOLDER (or same location), open Software Passport again and click Load Existing Project (top left).

Where it says “Files to Protect” (if theres stuff there, delete it):
Add the files you want to make %100 UNDETECTABLE!!

Now, once done, go to the bottom right and click “Build Project”. A bunch of windows will come up, just click Yes and OK.

Now, once its created, they are %100 undetectable. Go to
to scan it with every Antivirus, and they wont find ANYTHING!

„It takes a long time to learn simplicity.“

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