Dec 13, 2010

Split or Extract Video files by using ChopperXP

It is very useful when you have less storage space and require a particular portion of video.

extract some particular part of some video or movie? Now you cna do it
easily, videos can be easily split or cut by using this software named
Chopper XP.

Chopper XP is a Vob cutting program with a video display and a great interface. It is a DVD cutting program and has very fast speed of operation. You can scroll to a location and select mark in and out points and save the file as a Vob file. The program also lets you set any priority of extraction and displays the estimated time left for extraction.

It let you extrat video files from any DVD and it preserve 100% quality as there is no recompression.

Its a freeware software, available on internet. You can download it by clicking on the link given below.

Click here to download chopper xp

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