Dec 12, 2010

Use gmail acccount for Photo Sharing - Cool Trick

Now you can store or share your photos by using your gmail account. You can create, upload and share whole photo albums in moments. For this you need to install a firefox extension named GPhotospace.

GPhotospace is the fast way to share photos online. This free photo album builder works with Firefox and Gmail. Allow you to use existing Gmail account or create a new one for GPhotoSpace and create any number of photo albums, store and share them instantly.

It requires Firefox 3 and leverages the 7GB+ of storage space that you currently get with a Gmail account for an online photo storage repository.

Itrs freely available on net, so download it and then installed it. Once installed, you can launch the application from Firefox's Tools menu or by putting a small camera icon on your toolbar.

After that GPhotoSpace prompted to log into Gmail account. Once inside,it provides several links to choose from for creating albums, sending albums to others, deleting albums, maintaining an album inbox and more. All the images are stored by Google as part of your Gmail account. Its really very easy and handy to use, So go guys n download it fast...

Click here To Download

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