Jan 15, 2011

These Pictures Make Millions People Crying

I like something about human interest, social life, motivation, and so on. As a human being we are facing about social problem. We have to understand and know about the social issues around us. At least we know the news that there are many suffer people around us. From this case will give us motivation to help people around us. That's the real meaning of gratitude. is there a sense of pity inside of us? so move our hearts to help others. I think this hub is related with human interest but with description in other shape.

Yesterday When I was browse trough my laptop, I found something amazing. When I first time read the summary makes me impressed. What's behind this story? Actually the big headline shown the tittle "Million peoples in United States of America and Europe crying after see these pictures". It move our heart and brain to read deep about this story.

It make me curious. What actually happened and it make millions of people crying. These pictures makes me continue to read deep with my heart and use my social feeling. And try to understand what the real meaning behind these pictures.

Actually the picture not shown as a human, but it represented in the animal form. For us who care about animal and have the own pet animal in our home certainly know the character of own pet. Such for us who take care of dog, we certainly know what time the dog need some food and drink, sometimes they look happy when we play with and sometimes look sad and stop to eat. I had heard that animal also have a sense of feeling.

This kind of feeling comes when I was watching these pictures and read the summary. And it represented by a couple of birds. Please look the pictures below and image description.

A female bird was lying on the yard with a severe body condition. There is a wound in the female bird body.

Male spouse brought food to the female with affection and love.

The male bird finally realized that his beloved spouse has died. Then he "crying" in front of his spouse which has been lying dead

When the male bird was feeding the female bird, Suddenly the female bird lay dead. The male bird was devastated and tried to lift the female bird

The male bird was standing beside the female bird body, then the male bird "shout" in a loudly voice to shown that he was very sad.
The male bird finally realized that his beloved spouse has left forever and will not be able to live again with him. He stood beside the female body with sadnes

The recent news said that all the pictures above was taken in the Republic of Ukraine. When the male bird was trying to save the female partner. 
Millions of people in America and Europe shed tears after seeing these pictures. I don't know this new is right or not. I hope after read and see those picture above it can touch our human side. We could more care to our partner, wife, husband, friend and family. I think those picture want to send a message for us in share our love with others, especially for our partner. And for me personally those picture is really amazing. It proof to me that I am very sad after see those pictures.

Have you ever heard about those picture before. I invite all of you to share your opinion about this topic. And for US Hubbers and Europe hubbers, are those picture really make millions of people crying? I think hubpages is the right place to know the people opinion about phenomenal news. If the male bird love his partner, why we don't........

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