Jan 21, 2011

The Top 10 Mobile Phone Brands - 2010

Find out which are the top 10 most popular mobile phone brands this year. The top seller shipped some 100 million phones.


According to a Bloomberg report, Finnish company Nokia is still the world's biggest mobile phone maker, with a 37.4 per cent share of the market last quarter.

That means that a cool one third of all phones in the world are made by Nokia.

In the first quarter of 2010, Nokia shipped a total of 107,800,000 phones. Talk about huge.


South Korean firm Samsung is in second position with slightly less than a quarter of the global market share at 22.4 per cent.

The brand had some great reviews for its Omnia series of smartphones.

At 64,300,000 units shipped in the first three months of the year, it might still be quite some way behind leader of the pack Nokia, but its numbers do prove that Samsung is quite the mobile phone powerhouse.


LG taking third place makes it two Korean firms in the mobile phone hall of fame top 3.

The company had some pretty nice consumer feedback about its sleek and sexy Chocolate phones, which do look good enough to eat.

Sony Ericsson

Known for their Walkman Phones and camera phones, this joint-venture between Japanese electronics giant Sony and Swedish mobile phone maker Ericsson's rankings had slipped a little from the past year and is now in fourth position.

But its sleek new devices such as the Xperia X10, with its powerhouse hardware and improved interface and features, might mean a comeback for the brand.


Everyone knows BlackBerry, but few people know the name behind those well-known smartphones popular with the business crowd.

RIM - or Research In Motion, takes fifth place, one of two companies on this list that make only smartphones (the other one is Apple).


The company behind the iMac, iPod, iPad and of course, the iPhone is in sixth place.

While the iPhone is arguably one of the most popular devices in the mobile phone market, Apple's current standing isn't surprising because it has essentially only the iPhone series of devices in its inventory list.

With a new generation iPhone rumoured to be released this summer, perhaps we might see Apple climb this ladder in the near future.


Chinese firm ZTE may not be exactly the most heard of name in the mobile phone market, but their interesting devices and quirky designs would definitely be worth a look.

With an interesting lineup including smartphones and other mobile devices, hopefully we'll see more of this handset maker's products in the market soon.


Formerly the number two in the mobile phone market as recently as 2007, Motorola had seen its rankings slide to number eight on the top 10 list this quarter.

According to a Bloomberg report, shipping of units had taken a hit because of the company's difficulties in offering compelling new models following the success of the RAZR.

However, while Motorola's unit shipments continued to slide, the decline reflects the company's strategic decision to shift its focus away from the cheaper, mass-market cellphones and towards higher-profit products like the Dext and Backflip.

With its MotoBlur enabled smartphones getting great reviews from cricits, we might see more great devices from Motorola soon.


The second Chinese handset maker on the list, Huawei is known more for is wireless dongles and communications solutions.

But take a look at the handset maker's devices and you will see a few promising mobile phones with lots of potential.

Hopefully those will be more readily available in the market soon.


Few people would be using a device from this French handset maker today, but fans from the early adoption days would remember owning an Alcatel device at one time or the other.

With them still in the top 10 list, hopefully we'll see more of their stuff in the near future.

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