Mar 25, 2011

Rebecca Black hits the world with new single ‘Friday’.

Rebecca Black hits the world with new single ‘Friday’.

Lets talk about the music video first, she wakes up with make-up on talks about freshen up and having her cereal, and then she goes “gotta get down to the bus stop, gotta catch my bus” and out of nowhere she finds her 13 year old friend driving a car and she’s deciding which seat she’s gonna take when clearly there are 4 kids in the car and front seat is taken so she takes the rear seat and then goes for chorus “It’s Friday, Friday, Gotta get down on Friday” which sounds more alike Justin bieber’s “Baby, baby, baby ooh” later comes the rap-part which makes no sense either. This song is at #19 on iTunes sales chart, The music video of this song became viral starting on Friday 14th March, 2011, the video count on YouTube was 4000 which is 31 million as of now, Speaking of audio the song is produced by Ark Music with heavy use of Auto-tune for pitch correction. The song received mainly the negative reviews and is considered as ‘Worst song ever’ with 23,221 likes, 191,911 dislikes 29,973 likes, 255,454 dislikes on Official Youtube Video.

Rebecca Black hits the world with new single ‘Friday’.



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