Dec 10, 2010

Chat in hindi in google talk

Do you want to chat with your friends in hindi ??? or want to set your tagline in hindi???if yes then now you can do it easily. Google released Chat bots to translate English into Hindi. So now you can send text in Hindi to your friends during chats. For this you have to add google transaltion bot to your friend list. just follow this..

1) Send friend request to .
2) You will have a new buddy added as, Start Chat with it.
3) Type anything in English and it will translate it into Hindi and reply.
so you can copy the text from this window and can paste it chat windows or even in your status message..

Even you can chat in any language by using different google bots. Here is list of bots for some popular languages

English to German .
English to Spanish .
English to Franch .
English to Italian .
English to japanese .
English to Russion .
English to chinease .

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