Dec 10, 2010

Five Minute Home Facial

Five Minute Home Facial:How to give yourself a mini facial at home in just five minutes.
We are all short of time, and getting to the beauty salon for a facial is hard to fit into a busy life. A five minute mini facial can be done at home, every time you take your make-up off. You should see results such as smoother and firmer looking skin in just two weeks. This simple plan cannot turn back the clock, but it is a good skin maintenance program whatever your age. This plan is best carried out before you relax for the evening. Try not to leave it until you go to bed, as often, you can find yourself too tired to pay attention to all points.
First, use your cleanser to give yourself a facial massage. A creamy cleanser is best for this, and ensure that you massage gently using your fingertips. Start at your nose, moving up to your forehead, bringing your fingertips gently around the eye
area, then down over your cheeks, and finally under your chin. Take time to massage the cleanser in well, then remove with cotton wool, or rinse off.
Next, using a creamy cleanser massage your neck using upwards strokes, and also your decollete (chest area) and remove cleanser with cotton wool.
Dot some face cream over your cheeks, and use the knuckles on both hands to massage from your chin to just under your cheekbones to your outer ears. Apply gently but firm pressure. This will enhance the blood flow to the skin. Dot your face cream over the rest of your face and lightly massage in, using your fingertips.
Finally dot some eye cream onto the top of your cheekbones and onto your brow bones. Using your middle finger, press firmly and count to five, going around your eye sockets. Do not rub as this can stretch this sensitive area of skin.
As well as following this skin care regime, exfoliating twice a week (if you are over 35 years of age) or once a week (if you are under 35 years of age) will improve the look of your skin.

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