Dec 12, 2010

Make Firefox faster - Lower the amount of memory it used

If you have old desktop PC of RAM less than 1 GB and have installed firefox. Then may be you noticed that your computer slow down after its installation. Here is trick to make it faster by decrease the amount of memory it used.

If your computer has ram of 1 gb or more than 1 gb, then you need not to do this.
Follow given steps:
1). Open firefox.

2). In your Firefox address bar, enter the following text: about:config.

3). Scroll down to the entry titled browser.cache.memory.enable and make sure the Value is set to true. If it’s not, double-click anywhere in the browser.cache.memory.enable line and the status will change to true.

4). Now Right-click anywhere in the about:config window and select New and then Integer.

5). Enter preference name as browser.cache.memory.capacity in the New integer value window.

6). Click OK.

7). Now you have to enter a number in the Enter integer value, but that number depends on how much memory you have , how much you want to give Firefox. If you have 256MB or less RAM, enter 4096 as the value. If you have 512MB of RAM, enter 6144 or 8192.

8). Click OK.

Its done.

Restart firefox and seee then changes. It must be much faster now..

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