Dec 12, 2010

Simple tips to select Text quickly in MS word

Below are some tips to slect text quicky in MS Word, this is really very useful and very handy. This is a great feature of microsoft word and most of the users are unknown of this selecting style. Here are instructions to selct text:

Select a word:
Double click on any part of the word.

Select a line:
Click the left margin next to the line.

Select a sentence:
Hold down the CTRL key, then click anywhere in the sentence.

Select a paragraph:
Triple click any word within the paragraph.

Select the whole document:
Triple click in the left margin, or hold down the CTRL key, then click anywhere in the left margin. Yet another method you can use is to hold down the CTRL key, then press the letter A.

Make a vertical text selection:
Hold down the ALT key, then drag the mouse up.

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