Dec 13, 2010

Shortcut keys for windows media player

Here are list of shortcut keys for windows media player's users and keyboard lovers.
F1 Open Help
F9 Decrease Volume
F10 Increase Volume
ALT+F Open File Menu
ALT+T Open Tools Menu
ALT+P Open Play Menu
ALT+F4 Close
Ctrl+P Play and Pause
Ctrl+ T Replay
Ctrl+Shift+B Rewind
Ctrl+Shift+F Forward
Ctrl+B Play again
Ctrl+1 Full Screen
Ctrl+2 Screen Mode
Alt + Enter Full Screen Video
Alt+1 50% Zoom
Alt+2 100% Zoom
Alt+3 200% Zoom
Ctrl+Shift+S Slow play speed of Video or Audio
Ctrl+Shift+G Fast play speed of Video or Audio
Ctrl+Shift+N Normal play speed of Video or Audio

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