Dec 13, 2010

Spypig - Get a notification when people read your email

Have you ever wondered that whether your friend read your mail or not? He/she is not replying or didnt see your mail. Wheteher your important mail reach to its destination. If yes then here is Spypig for you.

Spypig is a cool email tracking system that sends you a notification mail whenever recipient read your mail.

Its very simple to use just follow these steps:

1). Open .

2). Here enter your Email id and message title.

3). It provides special image which contains tracking code, select 1 of the image provided. If you dont want that your recipient know about this tracking then select blank (white) image provided

4). Select no of notifications you want and then press activate.

5). Now it will generate an image copy that image in your mail.

6). Send it.
Its done.

Now whenever your recipient open that mail you will got a notification email.

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