Dec 13, 2010

Tips to keep Laptop cool

A computer generates a great amount of heat. Fortunately desktop computers are usually fitted up with large vents and fans to keep the computers reasonably cool. But the case is different with laptops as they are designed to skimp on vents and fans and not surprisingly, so laptops get overheated very easily. Overheat can cause serious damage, so its better to prevent your laptops from overheating.

Here are some tips given to prevent overheating in laptops:

1. Adjust your power settings from high performance to a more balanced or power saver plan. This will tell the system to only use the power required to run your applications, rather than always using the maximum processor speed.

2. Keep the environment as cool as possible. Using a Notebook computer in the hot summer, you'd better use your air-conditioning. If there is no air-conditioning, at least use fans. Otherwise, even if the computer withstand, I am afraid you will not.

3. Put something under the computer to allow airflow between the laptop and the desk. It may sound like a small trick, but a very important one. You can put part of a book under it, or you can buy the computer cooling pads which works extrem4ly well considering how cheap they are.

4. When using the in the bed or sofa, try not to block the air outlet of the Notebook computer. There are so many cases that the computer died simply because there is no way to get the hot air out.

5. Use dust remover spray to clean out of the laptop's vents. Dust can accumulate in and block the laptop's fan vent.

6. Shut down your computer when not in use, and especially when you are not at home.

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