Jan 30, 2011

10 Most Common Girls’ Passwords

10 Most Common Girls’ Passwords

Personal security and privacy are issues of extreme sensitivity for women. So its a bit of a mystery that when it comes to passwords, they tend to be really open-minded. Most of them possess supernatural abilities of having their passwords stolen and getting hooked by highly unskilled phishermen. Here are ten reasons why: 1.123456/abcdef/aaaa/1111

This is like delivering a low blow to the whole concept of “password”. Yeah they are really easy to remember but then they are among the very few combination’s that every tom, dick and harry hacker will try before scratching his bottom.
2. password

How exceedingly innovative! Most women will not dare take a hike through the treacherous canyons and crevasses of the brain. Surveys however have unearthed some extremely intellectual anomalies with “password?” being of evolutionary importance.
3. asdf/qwerty

Many shapely, aerobics obsessed women will keep their passwords as consecutive keys of a single row, as research has shown that moving fingers up and down the keyboard will make them witch-like bony.
4. name/nickname

Keeping the name or a nickname as the password is a primordial instinct, with some extremely cautious belladonnas adding the year of birth too. Many will also raise blast walls around their accounts by setting the secret question as “What is my name?” As the first question asked by most women from e-males is “Where did you get my e-mail address”, perhaps they are rapidly realizing the dangers of revealing the password
5. City name/Country name

Another female favorite. Some women move around a bit, changing passwords as they trot. A quick ASL however will provide a malicious contact with all the information. Recently, a patriotic women organization known as the “Ladies of Overt Nationalism” (LOON) has accused the internet of acting against national interest by imposing a minimum length of 6 characters, which deprives them from the password “USA”.
6. Friend’s name

This can be a tricky one for hackers if they don’t know the girl. However the most basic social engineering moves will do it. In case the best friend eloped with her boyfriend, the addition of prefix “fuck” or suffix “bitch” usually does the trick.
7. Phone number/ Address
Moving up the IQ ladder, the passes get progressively complex. However, many women will unwittingly give them out and realize later, when the flowers are not delivered.
8. Favorite personality

Housewife favorites. These can usually be picked up on instant messengers in personal messages like “YOU ARE SO HOT ” or the Now Playing messages. If all this fails, just look at the profile photo.
9. Favorite sports teams

These are common with active, outdoors types. The passwords “arsenal” and “liverpool”, have been widely encountered and are noted for their negligible ill effects on fingers and brain, both for the victim and the perpetrator.

10. Favorite movies
If one was to compare a list of common women’s passwords with a list of the dumbest movies ever made, the amount of positive matches would be staggering. Hackers have realized this long ago and their wordlists usually abound with variants of “gonewiththewind” and “uvegotmail

10 Most Common Girls’ Passwords

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