Jan 10, 2011

Things That Women Do on Facebook - Crazy

After using this social networking site for long, We got to know some secrets about its users .. Today I am gonna reveal some secrets about women users , as what do they do on social networks like facebook .
An eye on exes- The very first thing I got to know is the thirst of girls in knowing lives of their exes. Yes, they create fake profiles and follow their exes- whether husbands or boyfriends. They are always in want of their exes’ updates.
Fake photos- Women post their fake photos. Instead of uploading real photos, they will post either sexy photos or innocent ones, contrary to their real selves. Some women want to live the life they dream of, so they live this life in virtual world of Facebook. They upload sexy photos and talk frankly with Facebook friends even when they are innocent in real life. We can say that Facebook offers a chance to get wild publicly!
Confusing updates- Women update their status with confusing lines- those that can attract many men and their friends to pamper them. Whenever they are in need of pampering, they write some vague lines on wall and attract people.
Killing the time- Facebook offers you a best way to kill your time. Whenever women are upset or have fights with their lovers, they login to Facebook and re-energize their spirit. Whenever getting bored, just login and the friends are ready to fresh you up!

A woman is a crown of nature’s beauty and sometimes is the craziest creature. Nobody can assume their behavior and predict their heart!!

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At January 11, 2011 at 10:10 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

girls are crazy about facebook


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