Dec 10, 2010

Hide Hard drive's partition by using command Prompt - without any software

Do you have some confidential data and dont wanna share that data with your friends and other persons. so now you can hide any of partition of your hard drive, just store all your confidential and private data in that hard disk partition and hide that partition. Here is a very cool and simple trick , for this you need not to install any software. this can be done just by using command prompt.

Follow given steps to hide partitions without using any software.

1). Go to Start and type Run.

2). Type Diskpart in run and press Enter.
window will askes for our permission to continur. click on continue.
3). In the console type List volume to see all the drives available on your PC/Computer ad their volume.

4). Now select the drive which you want to hide.
Suppose you want ot delete D drive. '
It is volume 1 for drive D. you can found volume from command prompt itself as it list volume with each disk partition as shown in figure.

5). Now to hide D drive type Select volume 1 .

6). Type remove letter d , this will hide your drive.
Its done.

Now d drive is hidden.

Now to get your drive back type Select volume 1 and then type assign letter d.

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