Dec 13, 2010

Tips to save your Mobile Battery - Some useful tips

If your battery get discharged very fast, then here are some tips for you. Follow these tips it will surely save your battery.
1) Decrease your display brightness, Go setting>phone>display> brightness (dark).
2) Go setting>network>network mode (gsm) [As dual mode used for 3g & GSM network but GMS used only GSM network, so dual mode need power more then GSM].
3) After used bluetooth you must turn off it, Because if your bluetooth turned on then after 8 hour your battery 50% charge over.
4) Used ringtone, do not vibration alert.
5) After hear songs must removed head-phone.
6) Turn off your mobile then charge. Its good 4 your mobile health.
7) More switch off/on need much power, so try to avoid turn off your mobile.

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