Dec 12, 2010

Use Epic Web Browser - India's First Web Browser

As we all know there are lots of Web Browsers available including Internet Explorer,Opera, Firefox,Google Chrome and Safari. But now there is one more Web Browser it is Epic Browser, it is a bit different in the sense that it has been created specifically with Indians in mind.

Epic Browser is the world’s only antivirus browser that you can download for free. It is powered by Mozilla and is developed by Bangalore based Hidden Reflex. It has an inbuilt addon to detect websites that are dangerous.

It also allows you to type in 12 different Indian languages including Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam, Urdu and Punjabi. Also in the browser’s sidebar you can edit text, read news, view videos and pictures.

1500 plus ‘desi themes’ available to give the browser a Indian look. It have Simple browsing history deletion option. It seems great, and it is freely available to use. Download now..

Click Here To Download Epic Browse.

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