Feb 3, 2011

5 Most Corrupt Countries of the World

5 Most Corrupt Countries of the World

Corruption develops when there is financial instability, poverty, unemployment, social unrest, economic failure and unequal distribution of wealth nepotism and bribery go unnoticed.
It is really shocking to know that 1/3 of  countries are corrupt. Corruption is going to be an incurable problem and it is one of the most eminent hurdles in achieving much needed development, growth and economic sustainability. The 2010 Corruption Perception Index shows that about 75% of 170 countries in the index fulfill the definition of being corrupt. Among them Somalia scored1.1, Afghanistan and Myanmar 1.4 and Iraq 1.5 showing highest corruption level. Thee world’s least corrupted countries are Denmark, Newzeland and Singapore.
Here comes the brief description of world’s 5 most corrupt countries of the world.

Somalia, situated in the horn of Africa, ranked as the most corrupt country according to the International Corruption Perception Index 2010. Due to social break down and famine chronic crises resulted elite people influence politics and exploit the poor. The President (Malthus Kerekous’) advisor, Cissie, called Le Mara bout “the Priest” stole 5 billion CFA from the bank. General discrimination and unequal distribution of wealth is common. Somalia military is not beyond corruption as well.The African Development Bank has promised dollars 2 million to establish a central bank and anti-corruption commission.
Corruption is a devastating and grim problem in Afghanistan. According to latest survey 59% of Afghani people mentioned the Corruption as the most dangerous and greatest issue faced by the country. Even the President’s brother has been reported to have ties virulent drug trade.

During the last year Afghanistan people have paid approximately ¼ of its GDP (Gross National Product) as bribes. The Afghanis are of the view that it is impossible to get any public service without paying bribes. Buying a judge is cheaper than hiring a lawyer. This high ranged corruption among military, judiciary and police is dangerous for the economy. There is a continuous pressure on Hamid Karzai, the president, to tackle this problem ,but the Talibans are still sheltering Osama bin laden and there is a continuous stealing of foreign aid in the form of cash as well as weaponry.
Despite of being rich in resources, minerals, natural gas and timber Myanmar, also known as Burma, is rich in corruption and illegal drug trading. Due to military dictator ship for about 40 years the Myanmar is considered as the world’s poorest nation. Because of child labor, military influence, forced relocation of civilians, human right abuses and misuse of resources Myanmar has been widely accused by NGOs for corruption.
Poverty, repression, stagnation, nepotism, bribery and corruption all are the main features of this worst corrupt economy. Having extremely corrupt judiciary and police, there are no significant anticorruption efforts in Myanmar. The class discrimination and flow of wealth towards a specific group of people are the main cause of economical unrest. The investment has also been prohibited by US government since 1997.

Iraq is an extremely corrupt country. Iraq score 1.5 in corruption Index. The judiciary, senior members of Iraqi governments, ministries , public servants ,police everyone is corrupt. Nepotism, bribery, favoritism, selective prosecution, contract frauds, employee theft of medicines, vehicles, food etc are common in Iraq.  Ministry of Oil, Ministry of Medicine, Ministry of Health, Ministry of trade and almost in all prominent government departments’ corruption is at its peak.
As compare to Sadam Husain’s regime, every government would look good. But still the Shiite leaders of Iraq are considered as the most corrupt leaders by citizens and charged of deprivation of reliable water, electricity and fuel supplies.

Uzbekistan is the most populous country of central Asia. Unfortunately it is the world’s 5th most corrupt country as well. It scores 1.5 in CPI this year. After president Islam Karimoy got elected in December 2007, the condition of economy became worse. Despite of very high literacy rate the most effected sector is education where grades and degrees are purchased as a routine.
Corruption is rooting deep in economy and grows more rampant. Most of the revenues earned by exports are distributed among a specific class of ruling elites and leads to the exploitation of the poor.
In order to eradicate this curse, government need to eradicate anti corruption measures in all spheres, make economics plans for financial stability and join hands with international communities.

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