Feb 3, 2011

Luke Angel Banned From America: Barack Obama Email Scandal

Luke Angel Banned From America: Barack Obama Email Scandal

The United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigation may take upon itself the reputation of taking things as serious business. Well they have all the reasons and the obligation to do so anyway. Because of this, an angry e-mail from a drunken teenage boy addressed to the President of the United States, Barack Obama,  is definitely something that should not be an exception to the strict security implementations of the said agency.

luke angel barack obama Luke Angel Banned From America: Barack Obama Email Scandal
Luke Angel, a 17-year old British resident from Silsoe, Bedfordshire, was banned from entering and stepping into the U.S. grounds (for life) after reportedly sending a “threatening” email and embarrassing remark to President Barack Obama. This boy used the word “prick” to address the United States leader. Angel was said to have been angered and became upset after watching a documentary about the 9/11 attack of the Twin Towers. The boy was said to be under the influence of alcohol while watching the said show.
It has been a custom and common measure for government officials and agencies especially those that are directly involved with national security to check and monitor e-mails that may or may not be directly addressed to government offices and officials. This act is done in order to detect possible security threats and stop any danger as soon as possible. Just last year in Colombia, a man was arrested after announcing in Facebook that he is promising to kill the son of Colombian President  Alvaro Uribe, Jeronimo Alberto Uribe.
After intercepting the e-mail sent by Angel, the FBI didn’t hesitate to make swift actions—they immediately called the local British police from the boy’s hometown. The police then went to the Angel’s residence, took photographs of the boy and broke the news that he is forever banned from entering the United States from then on.
Angel doesn’t seem to care about it, however. He didn’t deny the accusation though, instead he claimed that he was drunk and could actually have called President Obama a prick, but other than that,  he could not clearly remember the whole details of his gripe mail. Not being able to step into the U.S. did not pose any big deal to the boy, but he said that his parents were quite upset about it.
Now, if such a boy’s impulsive expression of his feelings should be considered by the Federal security agencies to be a big threat already, then we could put it as they are really taking things way too seriously. It is understandable though, and we could not blame them for doing such because of the various dangers posed in every nation nowadays. But, isn’t it too drastic an action to ban a boy outright from entering the country even before doing any further investigation? Well the moral is, everyone should be careful about what they post and send through and around the Web.



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