Dec 13, 2010

Control Music Player from Firefox

If you are music freak and love to listen music while surfing or browsing and tierd of switching back and forth between your browser and media player to control media player, then this post is for you.

Now you can access and control your music player from firefox, for this you just need to install Froxy tunes extensions in firefox.
Once you have installed the extension and restarted Firefox you will see the FoxyTunes Toolbar located in the Status Bar. The default media application is Windows Media Player but it can be easily changed.
It provides various menus,submenus and buttons/items with the default settings. Some of them are Search, FoxyTunes Main Menu, Show Player, Select Player, Previous Track, Play, Next Track, Mute On/Off, Volume, Play File, Twitty Tunes, Foxy Tunes Search/Explore, Open FoxyTunes Planet, & Toggle Visibility/Drag and drop to move.
You can Download Froxy tunes free. Here is link for froxy tune exension..

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