Dec 13, 2010

Use Your Camera Phone as Webcam!

Dont have web cam and want to do video chats? If yes then here is solution for you, now you dont need to buy webcam for videochat. You can use your mobile phone's camera as web cam and can do whatever you want. for this you need to download a software WWIGO(Webcam Wherever I Go).
WWIGO is a software which allows user to transform bluetooth enabled camera phone into a wireless webcam to be used along with PC/Laptop.

Wwigo currently supports Nokia Series 60 phones including both S60 v2.0 and S60 v3.0 devices. Supported Bluetooth stacks are IVT/Bluesoliel, Widcomm, Microsoft and Toshiba Bluetooth stack.
Its freely available on internet, you can ven download from here.

Cliclk here to download WWIGO 1.5

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