Feb 3, 2011

Top 5 Guys Women Love And Men Are Like “Meh”

Top 5 Guys Women Love And Men Are Like “Meh”

Men don’t hate these guys, they just don’t see the draw. Well, okay, maybe they hate some of them (one in particular who is all sparkly), but mostly they just don’t get it. And that’s okay—they don’t need to get it. We will be just as happy watching their movies and videos all by ourselves…
1. Robert Pattinson.
At the moment he definitely tops the list. The girls are aaaaallllll about him, and the dudes are like “Are you kidding me?!? A sparkly vampire?!?” But the women don’t care—as Edward Cullen, he embodies all the romantic notions women dream about. But even before he played that glittery night creature, we liked him in the Harry Potter movies—hellloooooo Cedric Diggory!!!
2. Mark Ruffalo.
Women tend to love the movie roles he picks, and guys are like “But his face is all smashed!” Maybe so, but there is still something about him that is so attractive, and the guys are like “But his face is all crooked!” Yes, we know, and we find it endearing. On him – not on you. Sorry.
3. Adam Levine.
Known affectionately as the “Man-whore of Hollywood,” Adam is still number one on many a woman’s Freebie List. We know he’s a man-whore, and we don’t care—he is so hot that of course every woman has offered themselves to him. How could they not? If we went to a party, and he was there, we would be like “Look, boyfriend/husband/partner, I’m sorry, but you can’t be mad at me! I didn’t know he was going to be there! What was I supposed to do??”
4. Oalando Bloom.
Yes, he hasn’t been in any good movies for the last ten years, but we will never ever ever get over him as Legolas, so just get used to it. He is on the list to stay.
5. Daniel Radcliffe.
And we thought he was hot before he took off his clothes for that weird British play, so don’t even start with that, perv. We love him as Harry with the glasses and the powers and the wand (whoops!), but we also love him as Dan with the messy hair and the indie rock tastes. We have watched him grow up from cute kid to hottie man and we will remain loyal to him forever GRYFFINDOR RUUUUUULES!!!!! Oh, uh, sorry about that



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