Jan 24, 2010

Avatar - Behind The Scences HBO HD

Avatar - Behind The Scences HBO HD
English | 00:13:14 | 720 x 400 | 29.970fps | XviD | MPEG Audio 128Kbps | 154 MB
Genre: Documentary
A HBO HD only special about the making of the awesome movie Avatar. See how they 3D shoot in real time the actors for this movie plus much more.



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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game Pc Direct Download

Avatar takes place on the planet Pandora, which the human-controlled Resources Development Administration (RDA) is stripping of its resources--much to the dismay of Pandora's indigenous population, the blue-skinned Na'vi. Meanwhile, the RDA has established a way of transferring a human's consciousness into an artificially created human/Na'vi hybrid called an avatar. You play as Ryder, an RDA operative who soon finds himself (or herself, if you choose a female persona) in over his head as he discovers the consequences of the RDA's destructive presence on Pandora. About an hour into the campaign, you'll be faced with a choice: side with the RDA, or live as an avatar and take your chances with the Na'vi. Yet no matter which path you meander down, you'll meet a series of unmemorable characters, played by unexceptional voice actors who deliver their poorly written lines without a trace of enthusiasm or urgency.

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Avatar - Soundtrack (320kbps)



1. "You don't dream in cryo....."
2. Jake enters his avatar world
3. Pure spirits of the forest
4. The bioluminescence of the night
5. Becoming one of "The People" Becoming one with Neytiri
6. Climbing up "Iknimaya - The Path to Heaven"
7. Jake's first flight
8. Scorched earth
9. Quaritch
10. The destruction of Hometree
11. Shutting down Grace's lab
12. Gathering all the Na'vi clans for battle
13. War
14. I See You (Theme from Avatar)Leona Lewis
15. Into the Na'Vi world (Bonus) Click here to Download All Tracks


Making Of AVATAR(2009) Direct Download

Back in 1996, James Cameron announced that he would be creating a film called Avatar, a science-fiction epic that would feature photo-realistic, computer-generated characters.

He had a treatment for the film, which already defined many things, including the Na'vi – a primitive alien race standing ten feet tall with shining blue skin, living in harmony with their jungle-covered planet Pandora.

Soon after, though, Avatar had to be shelved as the technology of the time could not satisfy the creative desires of the director.

Fast-forward to October 2009: Dan Lemmon, FX supervisor and Andy Jones, animation director at Weta Digital have about two weeks left of visual effects production for Avatar. The near-900 strong crew spanned across six locations are practically working around the clock to achieve what was deemed impossible a decade earlier.

Weta Digital, the New Zealand studio responsible for the groundbreaking visual effects in The Lord of the Rings trilogy and King Kong, is taking VFX to a new level of creative and technological excellence.

For Avatar, the studio has created over 1,800 stereoscopic, photo-realistic visual effects shots, many of them of the Na'vi as 'hero' characters. In addition to digital characters and environments are the machines, vehicles, equipment and everything else that help blur the line between imagination and reality.

"We're not just talking about the environment, but the creatures, the machines and the vehicles that people use to get around. The whole world is unique and because of the way James Cameron approaches things, everything seems functional and believable. Compared to other sci-fi fantasy genre films there's a certain level of realism just in the design that makes it very believable," says VFX supervisor Dan Lemmon.

Realising the Na'vi

Over a decade ago, Cameron had already figured out what he wanted the Na'vi to look like. "Back then, it was clear that they were going to be blue, tall, have tails and be somewhat feline-like," says Lemmon.

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