Jun 26, 2010

Bollywood Stars and their Personal Cars

Bollywood Stars and their Personal Cars

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Why Only Muslims Are Called "Terrorist" ??

Why Only Muslims Are Called "Terrorist" ??
A question from rest of the world ... 

 I am unable to find the the specific reason as to why only muslims are labelled as Terrorist ...

Here is a little comparison between different religions and you may yourself judge that calling all Muslims a Terrorist is not Logical .. 

The Beard - People from all religions keep Beard ..
The Pray - All paople ask for Creator's help through Pray

The Worship Places - All people worship to their Creator

The Holy Book - Everyone has the right to read his/her Holybook

The Covering of Head - All religion followers cover their heads

The Holy Places - People of all religions have some Holy Place

The Hijab - Everyone takes care of Hijaab

So , Muslims , as followers of other religions, worship their creator and spreads peace ..

Now , Black sheep are present in every religion .. and this is not fair to call every muslim a terrorist or blame Islam on the basis of just few of them did wrong things, is not fair .. 
Moreover , below is the talk by Dr Zakir Nayek on Is Terrorism A Muslim Monoploy? 
I am not going to start any debate over it .. as u can see , I haven't enabled comment box .. Just think for a while and decide yourself .. 

Please do comments...

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Michael Jackson's Glove , sold under £30,000

A white glove once worn by Michael Jackson has been sold for just under £30,000 at an auction in Australia. The singer threw the jewel-encrusted glove into the crowd, during a visit to Sydney in 1996.

Music collector Bill Hibble caught it, but the item has now been sold to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, where it will go on display. It's thought to be the first Michael Jackson glove to go on sale since he died on 25 June.  Link

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