Sep 11, 2010

Where Is The Ball:Game

Try this fun game of Wheres The Ball

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Mehndi and Introduction‏

Mehndi And Introduction

Mehndi Designs for hands,
Mehndi artists in the city are earning thousands in a single day by applying beautiful “mehndi” designs on the hands of women, girls and even babies. Be it a leading beauty parlour or a roadside makeshift stall of a mehndi artist, women and girls are approaching them to get the best on their hands on the eve of Eid at any rate.
Many mehndi artists from the far-flung areas of the country have also appeared in the twin cities markets and established their stalls in front of shops for applying mehndi and their charges are also nominal as compared to those in beauty parlours.
Nazish and her two cousins come from a village of Chakwal City, with their makeshift stall in Commercial Market have agreed to pay Rs 3,000 to a shopkeeper, who has allowed them to put three chairs, a table and a banner outside his shop for a week. Nazish said, “We do not mind giving a few rupees to him (shopkeeper) as his shop is at a perfect location. If all goes well, we expect to earn Rs15000 to Rs 20,000 till Chand Raat.”
The rates of applying mehndi vary from design to design. The rates of a single vine starts from Rs50, for the full hand we are charging Rs300, while the rates are Rs600 for both hands,” Nazish informed.
Mrs Nadeem Anjum, who was present at a mehndi stall with her husband said, “The craze of decorating hands with mehndi on this occasion always remains among girls as well as women, but as the festival is approaching nearer, the mehndi artists have also increased their rates because of the great rush. However, nobody is paying heed towards this issue as it is an occasion of happiness.”

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Eid Special Bollywood Movies : 10 Movies

Eid special Bollywood movies
 Click on any movie image to watch online..


What Would White Celebrities Look Like If They Were Afro-American

Have you ever tried to imagine world without celebrities? Some of you maybe did but for most of us it’s something like a new ”Mission Impossible”, like imaging sky without clouds, without stars. Someone will probably say:”Hey, wait a second? I can imagine sky without clouds and stars!” Ok than, go back to the first question. Than I tried to find something else I can’t live without. Chocolate!!! I’m going very well without Jennifer Aniston or Brad Pitt, but without chocolate, for me, 2012 will came much earlier. Actually, both of them are going well one without another too. So, I tried to put these two things together and find out what am I going to get in exchange.

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