Aug 27, 2010

How to eat and drink according to Sunnah in Islam

Wash your hands before taking your meals. It is keeping with the rules of cleanliness and neatness that your mind should be satisfied about the cleanliness of your hands before starting the meal.

Before you start your meal, Say
(Bismilla hirrahhama nirrahim)
Translation: In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent ; the Most Merciful

Should you forget this, then say
(Bismillahi avaluhu va aa khiru hu)
As soon as you realise the oversight during the meal. Remember, the meal which is not consecrated by the Name of Allah is made lawful by the devil for himself.

Do not lean against anything when sitting down for a meal. Sit in a humble position with your knees raised or legs crossed or with one knee prostrate and the other one raised. The Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h) used to sit for meals. in this posture.

Always eat with your right hand. However, the left hand may be used simultaneously with the right hand, if needed.

Use three fingers while eating. If required, use four fingers except the little finger. Do not put your fingers in the food up to their roots.

Do not take a big morsel, nor a small one. Put the second morsel into your mouth only after swallowing the first one.

Do not wipe your fingers with bread. This is a filthy habit.

Avoid brushing off the loaves and refrain from knocking them about also.

Eat out of the plate from the edge which is nearest to you. Do not put your hand in the middle of the plate nor extend your hand to eat from that edge of the plate which is nearer to other diners.

If the morsel drops from your hands pick it up and eat it after cleaning or washing it.

Eat in company. Dining in company promotes cordiality and love and is a source of blessing.

Do not find fault with the food. Leave it if you don't like it.

Do not eat while the food is piping hot or simmering.

Avoid breaking into guffaws or indulging in too much conversation during dinner.

Do not sniff the food needlessly, It is bad habit. Do not often open your mouth so wide during dinner that the other people may see the food you are munching between your teeth, nor should you pick your teeth repeatedly in the course of eating. The other diners will find this habit disgusting.

Sit Down to eat and sit down also while taking a drink of water.

If some soup is left over in the plate, drink it ; otherwise clear the sediments from the plate with a finger and lick the finger.

Do not blow on the articles of food. The breath that we exhale is polluted and poisonous.

Take three breathing pauses while drinking water and recite Bismillah before hand each time. By this method you can drink according to your need and get full satisfaction. Beware, drinking all the water three is in the container in one breath may be harmful.

While eating in company pay due regard to the needs of the slow diners as well as those who eat at a rapid pace and rise only when all others have stopped eating.

When you have finished eating, lick your fingers and then wash your hands.

Do not pick up two pieces or slices at once time while eating fruit.

Do not drink water from the spout of a water pot or a goblet etc. Drink from such a container that you may clearly see the water that you are pouring into your mouth on order that no filth harmful substance goes into your stomach.

Say this prayer at the end of the meal :
(Alhamdu lillahil-ladhi at'amana wa saqana wa ja'alana min-al-Muslimin)
Translation: "Praise be to God Who fed us and gave us drink and made us Muslims."


Islamic Way to Sleep : Sunnah

Islamic Sleep Posture

Islam has strict rules on how you sleep. Firstly, you cannot sleep on your stomach. Sunaan
Tirmidhi (1226) writes that Allah does not like your lying on your stomach. Another hadis (ibid,
1228) says if you lie on your stomach Allah will send you to hell.
A Muslim must sleep like a prophet. It means to lie with belly up. Ghazali (p.2.20) writes that to
lie with belly up is to sleep like the prophets.

Another ritual for Islamic sleep is that you must do ablution before going to bed, and lie on your right side then recite Allah’s name and glorify Him. If you die in this state then you die in Islam (Sahih Muslim, 35.6544, 6546, 6551).,/P>
The reason why a Muslim must do ablution before sleep is this: when you sleep, the ring muscle

of your anus is loosened, so you must perform ablution before sleeping (Sunaan Tirmidhi, 122).


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Top 40 Celebrity Facebook Fans

The Internet, and certainly social networking websites, has certainly changed all of our lives. Facebook has provided one more way to determine the relatively popularity of a celebrity. So check out which celebrities have more fans on Facebook. Some figures may surprise you.

40. Ashley Tisdale: 4,360,226 fans
39. T.I.: 4,511,858 fans

38. Kings of Leon: 4,632,344 fans

37. Barcelona player Lionel Messi: 4,790,720 fans

36. Jackie Chan: 4,815,299 fans

35. Ashton Kutcher: 5,142,656 fans
34. Alicia Keys: 5,207,052 fans
33. Miley Cyrus: 5,215,638 fans

32. Coldplay: 5,568,982 fans
31. Paramore: 5,653,294 fans

30. AC/DC: 5,709,484 fans
29. Green Day: 5,755,660 fans
28. Avril Lavigne: 5,792,946 fans
27. Drake: 5,887,820 fans
26. Akon: 6,240,017 fans
25. Pink Floyd: 6,336,479 fans

24. Beyonce: 6,421,601 fans

23. Will Smith: 6,780,238 fans
22. Spongebob Squarepants: 6,886,180 fans

21. Adam Sandler: 6,938,015 fans

20. The Beatles: 7,107,404 fans
19. Katy Perry: 7,307,163 fans
18. Shakira: 7,411,376 fans
17. DJ David Guetta: 7,651,521 fans
16. Rihanna: 7,885,577 fans
15. Metallica: 8,140,826 fans
14. Selena Gomez: 8,260,276 fans
13. Taylor Swift: 9,384,109 fans

12. Bob Marley: 9,461,715 fans
11. Dr. House aka Hugh Laurie: 10,034,042 fans

10. Justin Bieber: 10,187,271 fans
9. Lil Wayne: 10,530,706 fans
8. Real Madrid player Cristiano Ronaldo: 10,667,749 fans
7. Linkin Park: 11,117,550 fans
6. Eminem: 11,692,739 fans
5. Megan Fox: 12,380,846 fans
4. President Obama: 12,818,749
3. Vin Diesel: 14,599,865 fans

2. Lady Gaga: 16,461,891 fans

1. Michael Jackson: 23,175,515

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