Jun 13, 2010

30,000 quit FaceBook

30,000 quit Facebook in protest

Released on - Tuesday,01 June , 2010 -02:26

A group protesting Facebook's privacy policies said Monday more than 30,000 people had heeded its call to quit the social networking giant.

"For us it comes down to two things: fair choices and best intentions. In our view, Facebook doesn't do a good job in either department," the organizers, who did not identify themselves, said on their website for Monday's "Quit Facebook Day."

"Facebook gives you choices about how to manage your data, but they aren't fair choices."

The group said at 2300 GMT that 32,749 had dropped out of the Facebook universe.

Facebook.com is visited monthly by 540 million people, or slightly more than 35 percent of the Internet population, according to Google data.

Facebook is overhauling privacy controls in the face of a barrage of criticism that it is betraying the trust which has made it the world's biggest social network.

Facebook redesigned its privacy settings page to provide a single control for content and "significantly reduce" the amount of information that is always visible to everyone.

Facebook also said it is giving users more control over how outside applications or websites access information at the service.

Critics continue to call for Facebook to make all user information private by default and then let people designate what they want to share case-by-case in an "opt-in" model.

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How Much Electricity Does Your Computer Use?

Computer Electricity Usage

If you are curious to know the exact electricity cost of running your laptop or desktop computer all day long, here’s a quick guide.

Step 1: You first need to calculate the total power (in kilowatt) that’s consumed by your monitor, CPU, graphic card and other components of the computer.

Don’t worry – you don’t have to do these calculations manually. Joulemeter is a free software from Microsoft that can quickly estimate the power consumption of your computer based on the screen’s brightness, the microprocessor, etc.

Step 2: Now find the retail cost of electricity (commonly known as price per unit or price per kWh) in your part of the world. You can know the electricity cost per unit either from your last month’s electricity bill or check the official website of your power distribution company (search for electricity tariffs).

Once you have the two numbers, just multiply them to get an approximate idea of your computer’s electricity bill. I say approximate here because we are ignoring the power consumed by the modem, router and so on.

The Total Electricity Cost of Running a Computer

Let’s take a practical example.

Assume that your computer monitor has a power rating of 50W. It will therefore consume 50×1/1000 or 0.05 kWh energy if you use the monitor for one hour. Now if the price of electricity in your region is 10¢ per unit, the total cost of running that monitor would be 8 x 10 x 0.05 or around 4¢ for an average eight-hour workday.

The monitor is just one component of the computer – you can use the above-mentioned Joulemeter software to calculate the total power consumed by all the various components of the computer and then multiply that number with the price of electricity to know the average running cost of the computer.

PS: The Joulementer application may upload certain anonymous information about your computer such as type of CPU and utilization; applications running; hard disk size and type; memory size and type; or the name of the Internet service provider and the IP address of your computer.

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Red Lights to Automatically Stop Your Car

Our days of reckless driving seem to be coming to an abrupt halt... in front of a red light. Very soon, even if you want to skip a red light, and even if you want to speed through a traffic signal, you won't be able to! The day is going to come when a red light will force you to stop. Disobeying traffic rules and red lights won't be an option any more. You will be forced, even against your will, to stop your car at a red light.
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Fast drivers might frown, as will lovers of "Need for Speed" motor racing. IBM is on a mission to ensure you obey traffic rules. The company has filed a patent in which it has claimed rights over a technology that revolutionises traffic signals. They have designed a system in which a traffic light can start and stop the engine of your car!

Benefits of This Technology
Whether you like it or not, it seems as if governments across the world will be happy to adopt this technology. Why? Just think of all the benefits:

? Such a system will be able to reduce fuel wastage. What better than a traffic light to know when the green signal is about to appear? If the red light is going to be on for a long period of time, then the traffic light will turn off your engine, saving fuel
? This will also please the green activists who will appreciate that a reduction in fuel consumption is directly proportionate to a reduction in pollution
? Such a system might be able to prevent thieves and criminals from making a quick getaway since the traffic lights can be used to switch off their vehicles
? It can also be used at railway crossings so that train collisions and other accidents are reduced to a bare minimum
? It is also safer to use an automated system of regulating vehicular traffic since it reduces human error. There are still many cities where human cops are required to regulate traffic.

IBM's system will gather information from traffic signals, GPS, traffic loads, road sensors, cameras and so on. It will require the use of WiFi, satellite communications and cellular networks in order to work effectively.


You and I

I am Twitter and U are my tweet,
I am a scribble pad and U are my light pen,
I am a doctor and U are my stethoscope,
I am a magnetic north pole, U are the south pole,
I am a flower with nectar, and U are the bee,
I am a Java socket, and U are the thread,
I am a contest, and U are the prize,
I am a child class, and U are my protected object,
I am Dennis and U are the menace,
I am an angel and U are my wings,
I am a psycho and U are my knife,
I am a candle and U are my light,
I am a streetsmart dog and U are my bark,
I am an album and U are the picture,
I am a nomad and U are my map!

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24 Geeky Computer Mice Designs

Computer mice may slowly be replaced by touchpads and other touch sensitive devices but there is still a huge fan following for these extremely ergonomic devices that let us use computers in the easiest manner possible.

Like any other gadget, you could be quite sure that there are thousands of mice available around the world either customized or pimped to suit different tastes. However, there are also a number of product designers and artists who have created conceptual mice that defy all imaginations. Here are some of the coolest computer mice designs that we found online which are actual concepts, designs and some even really released.

Cursor Mouse

1 mouse-cursor
This design was created by Art Lebedev, and must be one of the most postmodern designs ever created amongst gadgets. It looks simple, but pays homage to the symbol of computing, the mouse cursor.

Tarantula and Scorpion Mice

2 animalia-mouse
Tarantula and Scorpion Computer Mice speak for themselves, and could be a great way to scare away arachnophobics, and please the arachnophiliacs.

NES Controller Mouse

3 nes-gamepad-mouse
It has been a while since we used the NES, but it still feels like yesterday. The NES Controller Mouse brings back all those memories back in an instant.

Razer Mamba Wireless Laser Gaming Mouse

4 razer mamba laser mouse
With its futuristic design, the Razer Mamba Wireless Laser Gaming Mouse is a great gadget concept that allows people to not just browse or use computer, but effectively play video games.

Superhero Mouse

5 spiderman superhero mouse
What could be better than reading a couple of Spidey comics, and then watching a rerun of a Spiderman flick? I will tell you what, the Superhero Mouse designs which feature Spiderman, Wolverine and more of your favorites.

Shark Mouse Concept

6 shark mouse concept
Alireza Haji and Mahbod Ashraf have designed this cool Shark Mouse which has been inspired by the movements of killer sharks. They are recyclable too, making them clean and green.

Titanium ID Mouse

7 titanium-id-mouse
Luxury and computer accessories do not usually go hand in hand. However, the Titanium ID mouse makes sure that those who crave for luxury in their gadgets are well satiated.

Mini Golf Mouse Pad

8 mini-golf-mouse-pad
Golf lovers can rejoice, thanks to the Mini Golf Mouse Pad Set. The pad resembles golf courses, and the mouse is inspired by a golf ball. When you are tired of working on the computer, you could play “golf” on the mouse pad.

Keypad Mouse

9 Digits-On-The-Side
Using laptops is always convenient but the lack of numerical keypads on the right-hand side can be a cause for convenience. The Key Mouse is a great conceptual mouse that hides a numerical keypad within its body.

Chocolate Mouse

10 chocolate-mouse
Those who have a sweet tooth will love the Chocolate Mouse for it would remind them of their most basic instincts. Unfortunately, it is not edible and you could only use it to work on the computer.

USB Multi-Touch Keypad

11 USB-Multi-Touch-Smart-Pad
The USB Multi-Touch Keypad by Brando packs in features that would make you go WOW!. It lets you do many things that you could do on your laptop touchpad like tapping, magnifier, rotate, Zoom in, Zoom out, Vertical scroll, and Horizontal scroll.

Google Wireless mouse

12 google mouse
Google is undoubtedly the most important company in the world of Internet. This Google Wireless Mouse pays tribute to the contributions made by the search engine to the development of Internet and technology.


13 Air Mouse
AirMouse is a wearable mouse that comforts your hands. This radical mouse defies the conventional idea of a computer mouse.

Open Office Mouse

14 open office mouse
The Open Office Mouse would appeal to any computer savvy person for it comes with 18 buttons which would allow you to customize 52 key commands. It helps you work faster on your computer.

Razer DeathAdder Left Hand Edition

15 razer-deathadder-lh
Video game lovers would know it is difficult if they are left handed. However, the Razer DeathAdder Left Hand Edition has been released just for the lefties who can’t use mainstream gaming mice.

Arty Logitech Art 3D Mouse

16 Logitech-mouse-in-3D-1
This Logitech Mouse has been designed by Tim Cooper, and it almost looks artistic. It features infrared technology and 3D input.

Ceramic Passion Mouse

17 Ceramic-Passion
Music lovers have long wanted gadgets that are dedicated to them. However, mice have usually been designed with gamers in mind. The Ceramic Passion Mouse is decidedly the choice for music lovers.

Grassy Mouse

18 grass-mouse
Japanese artist Hanaoka has created a mouse that is covered in grass. While there is no reason why a mouse should be covered in grass, it sure looks quite interesting.

3 In 1 Mouse

19 3-in-1-Mouse11
The 3 In 1 Mouse features a trackball mouse, USB hub, and even a numeric keypad. Those who multi-task would find it useful.


20 wireless-trackball-mouse
WeraMouse is an ergonomic mouse that can be used by people who specifically browse the Internet. It allows the user to use it from even an easy chair!

World of Warcraft Mouse

21 Warcraft-Mouse
SteelSeries have unveiled the World of Warcraft Mouse which comes with a choice of 16 million illuminations. You would also find 130 predefined macros, 15 programmable buttons, and other great features.

Golf Club Driver Computer Mouse

22 golf-mouse
Golf and being a geek do not go well together. However, if you are a geek and love golf as well, the Golf Club Driver Computer Mouse would be a great choice. It supports only the PS2.

Trypticon USB Laser Mouse

23 transformer-usb-laser-mouse
Trypticon USB Laser Mouse is an interesting mouse concept that shapeshifts into a Tyrannosaurus Rex. It is also inspired by the Transformers series.

Compact USB Wireless Mouse

24 3d-mouse-thumb
USB Fever had unveiled an interesting mouse design that is compact, packed with features and quite efficient. It can be charged in just 2 hours.
These mice concepts indicate that the future for mouse lovers is bright. The touch-sensitive technology would only propel the mouse’s success, but will not replace the mouse.