Jul 7, 2010

20 Ways On How To Breakup With Your Girlfriend

People say loving someone doesn’t need a reason, it’s a feeling right from deep inside. So people ask, why breaking up with someone needs good reasons while they’re all fake? The answer is easy; that’s because you’re not the one who suffers, it’s your partner who you’re torturing with your ignorance and lack of love. She will want at least one good reason why you want to break things off and your soon-to-be ex girlfriend deserves to know! The best way is to tell her the truth but if your girlfriend is too bad and you just couldn’t care her less, pick some good tips we have for you. It works 90% of the time.
How to Break up With Your Girlfriend
Cautions: Think twice before breaking up with your partner, you might not be lucky enough to get the second chance to get back to her. Good luck!
1. Do everything she hates
When we guys start hitting on a girl, if she says she doesn’t like these things or hates that stuff, we will completely avoid doing them although they’re what we always do. When it comes to the break up time, it’s like you’re gaining independence, do everything she hates such as smoking, clubbing etc. When she finds out and of course she’ll have a go at you, you start to blame her for not ever accepting the way you are and then wait till the right time to break up with her.
2. Take her for granted
Girls can’t stand it when they feel they are being neglected as they are totally emotional. Go grab your chance then! You just ignore her by not answering every call of hers, not saying you miss her or not expressing how delight you are to see her. Spend less time with her and try to make her realise she’s pretty boring and she’s not the one for you anymore. She’s just like a house of cards and will definitely feel so slighted that she asks you to break up although she doesn’t mean it! Such an easy task!
How to Break up With Your Girlfriend
3. She’s too good for you
When you want to break up with your girlfriend but you are desperate for a rational excuse, go for this one! Tell her straightforwardly that you want to break up with her as she’s too good while you’re too bad for a perfect girl like her, you two are not made for each other, you don’t want her to be with a shiftless guy like you and you really wish she will meet a new right guy for her soon. Not only she will be ok to let you go, but also you sound like a great man for her. Ridiculous!
4. Pretend to forget her special occasions
We all know girls like to celebrate special occasions or anniversaries such as your or her birthday, Valentine’s Day, the 1st anniversary of the day you two first met or whatever. Once you forget about them, she will absolutely be mad or really disappointed. Some of the girls might be really angry as she thinks you don’t care about the relationship with her, it hurts a lot!
How to Break up With Your Girlfriend
5. Be girlish and stubborn
We’re not talking about dressing like a girl or being a so-called lady boy but duplicating girls’ habits in terms of stubbornness and bossiness. Girls never realise how annoying they are when they’re asking their partners to do or not to do this or that and now it’s time to give them a lesson. You start ordering your partner to do what you want, easily get frustrated when things go wrong and try to make yourself a real nuisance to her.
6. Be rude and mean
It’s kind of a method for a jerk but if breaking up with her for no good reason is usually what a jerk does, this way is worth trying! You just come up with the worst sentences, which she never expects to hear from you, and start freaking out. Girls are not into rude guys and they won’t be able to stand sharing their hearts with this type of guys. Pick this choice if you dare!
7. Hit on her female friend
Another efficient way for a complete jerk! Pick the best friend of your partner and just pretend to hit on her who you might not be into at all. Start giving her a call and make sure your partner knows about this. When your partner’s best friend finds out you’re flirting with her, she will definitely notify her best friend (your partner) and she could be so angry that she wants to break up with you. Wow it’s your day and you don’t break any one’s heart, it’s her choice!
8. You both are two parallels
After you’ve been trying to do everything she hates and she starts blaming you, you just get your plan started! Tell her that you two are thoroughly different and you both just can’t get along together anymore so it’s better to quit the relationship as you and your partner are two parallels which will never be linked.
9. Do not give her a chance
If you’ve already decided to break up with your partner, you have to completely avoid her after talking with her about this and do not give her a chance to treat you well or else you could change your mind because of sympathy. An important thing is do not break up with her by sms, phone, e-mail or any electronic stuff, it’s insulting and girls will need to make clear what they did wrong and why you want to break it off. Talk to her in person and private, this hurts enough!
How to Break up With Your Girlfriend
10. Tell her the truth
Be honest, be a gentleman! If you want to break up with her, she’s absolutely entitled to know WHY and you should dare to tell her the truth. This way is the easiest one as you don’t have to think of a hundred of stupid excuses, tell her that you don’t have feelings for her anymore or whatever you really have in mind.
11. She is not your parents type
It might sound quite childish but I think it usually works. If you have ever brought your soon-to-be former girlfriend to meet your parents, there is no plan is more perfect that this! Tell her that your parents don’t like her and they will never approve of you and her getting married, so it’s better to break up so that you both can find the right person, it is useless to continue the relationship!
12. She is too immature for you
When you are having rows with your partner and it is her who starts it, go for this excuse! Tell her that she is too immature for you and please grow up. You need a girlfriend not a stubborn sister, so you want someone more reasonable and mature than she is. If she promises she is going to improve herself, just tell her that, it’s too late and although she promises, she will be still immature anyway.
13. You two are going nowhere
Put the blame on her for making no improvement on the relationship and you both are going nowhere but have been stuck to each other for too long. So you two better stop now as things seem to get worse everyday. You need some space and suggest her to try looking for someone better than you, someone who is right for her. You two are better as friends
14. You are in love with her mum
This way will completely freak her out! She won’t be able to hold you back as once you let her know you are in love with her mum, she is left wondering with loads of questions why?, How?, When? and much more as she must be really shocked on how come it happens. For her mothers sake, she might be ok to break up with you but if not, you will get hated by her as she feels she is totally betrayed. You don’t care though, do you?
15. Sex is not good anymore
You might use this excuse when you are making out. Just let her know that you feel nothing when you do it and you no longer enjoy sexing with her no more. You both aren’t sexually compatible. When it comes to sexuality, she tends to understand you and she will let you go but if not, you should be proud that you are good in bed and then pick some other ways above.
How to Break up With Your Girlfriend
16. You are sleeping with someone else
Pretend to blame yourself on sleeping with someone else, you are really sorry and you know well it’s unfair for her to continue the relationship so you two better split. Girls definitely don’t like their boyfriends to be sexually involved with other girls. When it happens, they will feel it’s unacceptable and unforgivable, so she probably asks you to break things off.
17. You are going to become more religious
Tell her that you have already made up your mind to become more religious so you need to turn your back on all the passions especially sexual affaires. It’s a must to break up as from now on, you and her are on the different paths! If she is mature enough, she will understand you, but if you get caught walking with other girls, well, I don’t know!
18. You don’t want to be attached
Tell her that you just realise that you are not ready to be attached, you still want to freely spend your time, hang out with your male friends and flirt with girls. Talk to her that you both should break up now because if you are still together, it’s her who will suffer. As long as you don’t want to be attached, you don’t pay attention to her.
19. You were just lonely or horny
I have come up with two ways for a jerk so far (see above) and I do hope this is the last one. Give her a reason why you want to break up with her “I was just too lonely and horny at that day I asked you to be my girlfriend, but now I don’t feel like that anymore, so we would better break up. To girls, it hurts a lot of course so do not pick this way if she is not that wicked.
20. You are a gay!
I guarantee it works 100%! Just tell her that you just realise you don’t like a girl anymore but you feel emotional when talking to a guy. So it would be good to let you go as you won’t be able to make her happy, you need to find himself Mr Right! You might have to wait for a big while after telling her about this because she must be shocked and blank and it takes time till she turns to normal.