Mar 29, 2010

Rome City at Night - Beautiful Photos


Sydney Harbour Bridge - Big Food Festival.

That’s how 6 thousand Australians started their Sunday morning. The bridge was closed to traffic and was covered with the freshly laid grass for families to enjoy their picnic as part of a food festival. 190,000 people wanted to participate in this event

100 metres above the sparkling blue water on the Harbour Bridge. Gone were the eight lanes of traffic; in their place, a carpet of newly laid lush grass was dotted with tartan picnic rugs, food hampers and the odd cow.

Tens of thousands of people had registered for the ballot for the al fresco occasion, but only 6,000 were lucky enough to be chosen. Picnickers feasted on fresh croissants and platters of fruit, taking in the sound of honky-tonk piano and soaking up the views of the Opera House. “It’s amazing to see the bridge in this perspective,” resident Don Fuchs said . “Usually you sit in the car, you cross it, and that’s it.”


The Other OBAMA - Rare Photo Collection..

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