Dec 19, 2010

Amazing Infinite Photos Art

Amazing Infinite Photos Art

Amazing creative art on photos. Photos in photos is the most popular art on internet. Photoshoped

Have you ever been in a house that had a bathroom where all the walls were mirrors?  Man I love those.
You get to see yourself in like 1000 positions.  What’s coolest is when you’re angled so that it looks
like there is an infinite amount of you.  You know, where it looks like it goes on forever.
With the right angles and equipment you can easily create this effect through photography.  Though
I’m not quite sure of the literal term for these kinds of photos I just assume call it
“infinite photography.”  However if you search that phrase none of these pictures will come up in
the results.
In any event, I’m glad I was able to find 20 pictures that I would deem “infinite.”
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