Apr 18, 2010

Akshay Kumar Speaks : “We Are All Duffers Underneath”

The actor, who played `the dude` in films like `Blue` and `Kambakkth Ishq`, does not believe that he is breaking away from his well guarded on as well as off-screen image of a macho man.

“When it comes to playing a loser, I enjoy it more than any macho role I have had to play. Is it difficult? Oh certainly yes. But then talking about real life, we are all duffers underneath anyways,” Akshay told reporters in an interview. The 42-year-old actor, who has always prided himself to be the man of the masses who loves to make commercial cinema, says he loves to play underdog.

“We may put on some cool macho act to woo the ladies and be the dude of the room. However, all us men would be losers if we were left to our own devices. That`s the reason
why I love to play the underdog

“Not many men would like to be ugly and unfortunate loser. In fact why just off the screen, even on the screen while enacting the character, they would avoid doing that. But then to me, there is nothing more real than playing an average Joe,” he says.

Akshay has been experimenting with such roles in films like `Chandni Chowk To China` and `Jaan-E-Mann`, where he had played a geek.

“In `Jaan-E-Mann`, I was re-enacting a childhood geek. On the other hand in `Housefull`, I am literally playing the unluckiest guy on planet. I get kicked, punched, burnt alive, run over, dumped, thrown out, spanked and even drowned in the film. And that`s not all as there is a lot more. That`s how unfortunate I am!”

“Thank God for no Afro wigs or braces this time around”, jokes Akshay who saw mixed response coming his way for his characterisation and performance in `Jaan-E-Mann`.

“There are no fairy tale endings here”, Akshay sets the record straight, “Having said that, I have to say this that behind every man there is always a great woman. Even in the film, I spend my whole life looking for the woman that loves me for the duffer that I am and someone who can perhaps change my luck forever. Now whether I find her or lose her or even marry her is something that no one knows about that. Well, at least not yet!”

Coming back to the entire `cool quotient` which is not attached to his character in the film, Akshay says that a lot of this has to do with what an individual is surrounded by rather than his own being.

“Let`s look at it this way. If you take away my beautiful wife, my flashy cars, my designer clothes, especially my leather jacket and favourite Aviator sunglasses, I will simply be just another brick in the wall. We have all been there and no one was born cool, not even James—what was his name? Well yeah, I remember now - Bond`,” says Akshay.


Amitabh Bachchan To Act For Free

Our sources inform that Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan will work for free in Army office-turned-filmmaker Major Ravi’s forthcoming trilingual Kandahar to be made simultaneously in Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu with Mohanlal in the lead.

“… MohanLal, that great exponent of his art and craft, one of the finest actors of the country, from Kerala and Malayalam cinema had come over to finalize dates and schedules for the film he is making directed by Capt Ravi. If you remember he had met me during my short visit to Kerala, when I had gone there to attend the honor ceremony for Resul Pukutty, on winning an Oscar.

Its all in order now. Its a small guest appearance and I had agreed. They had come over to officially sign me on and make payments etc.. Ha..!! Payments? Fees? Remuneration? For a guest appearance of 3 days? With MohanLal who has always had my greatest admiration ? No way !! I don’t charge money for such acts. And told them so. I shall just gloat in the honor that I shall derive by working in a Malayalam film and that too with the exceptional MohanLal..,” Amitabh wrote on his blog bigb.bigadda.com.


The Suspense Of The Most Awaited Film Kites Is Out

The online sources went on to leak the climax of the film Kites claiming that the lovers, Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori jump off a cliff and die in the end. The very source stated, “Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori, who play lovers in the film, die in the end. They jump off a cliff into the sea. As they jump to their death, the film ends.” They further claimed that the character of Kangna Ranaut does not die and stays alive, “Her role is a minuscule one and her death is not warranted.”

A clearly upset but unphased Hrithik went on to tweet the following after the article was published and circulated all over the internet, “Friends, a section of the media has tried to sabotage my name all thru the past year, I forgive them, today they tried to sabotage KITES by trying to give out the climax.(Though they got it wrong thankfully)- I STILL forgive them. Just keep spreading love people, if u react, u make ur world more negative…only love conquers…and only love remains….have a great day!”


“A Baby Will Happen When Destiny Wills It” : Says Shilpa Shetty

We have the news about the diva Shilpa Shetty Kundra who has a smart method of catching up on the IPL action. She’s installed a connection in her vanity van to record all the action that Rajasthan Royals creates on the cricket field. SSK is constantly on the move shuttling between Mumbai and London, and the new bride makes sure that she’s spending quality time with her in laws.

“I make sure that we’re in London for X’mas and for Diwali, my in laws come down here to Mumbai,” says SSK in a snappy periodical chat. “This city is my first love and Raj has no problems coz’ he loves Mumbai too.”

Query her on a new addition to the family and she asserts that “motherhood can wait,” she adds. “A baby will happen when destiny wills it. I’ll have a baby when I’m 100 per cent ready and can dedicate enough time to him or her.” After garnering success with her yoga DVDs, SSK is all set to launch a line of super yummy and healthy Indian curries that will soon stream into the London supermarkets. Quite dishy, wot say?


Will “Help” Help Bobby Deol’s Fading Career ?

Its not a hidden fact at all that Bobby Deol is in a desperate need of hit, in order to save his fading career. Bobby is still optimistic as he is giving his best to make it big. Interestingly Bobby hated horror genre, has recently finished his first horror film called ‘Help’. It has been directed by Rajiv Virani. Mugdha Godse plays the female lead. The film has been shot in Mumbai and Mauritius in a 45 day schedule. It has been produced by Sanjay Ahluwalia and Vinay Choksey.

According to sources, Bobby who has no big films apart from Anil Sharma’s ‘Yamala Pagla Deewana’ and Sangeet Sivan’s next, has decided to experiment and try different genre. Recently, Bobby expressed his hatred for horror films. It is extremely surprising that Bobby who himself can not stand to horror films has completed a horror film. Let’s hope that ‘Help’ turns to be good help Bobby’s career.


Katrina Kaif Becomes Ranbir’s Bhabhiji

Well this is the news you were looking for. After playing the love interest of Ranbir Kapoor in ‘Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani’, Katrina Kaif will be seen in a far from romantic relationship in their upcoming release ‘Raajneeti.’

Katrina Kaif will be seen as Arjun Rampal’s widow and Ranbir’s sister-in-law in Prakash Jha’s ‘Raajneeti.’ While shooting for ‘Raajneeti’ in Bhopal, Ranbir would humorously tease Katrina and call her Bhabhiji.

News has it that Katrina is said to have said, “Ranbir and I can’t get anymore unconventional than ‘Raajneeti’ where we both go into a completely new space. Now if and when we do another film, it should be something totally mainstream.”

We will wait for it ‘Katrina bhabhiji’!


Katrina Kaif’s Social Side Is Revealed

Katrina Kaif - the diva who is known to be the ‘sexiest actress’ and the most ‘searched celebrity online’, is a social reformer like her mother. Katrina, who comes from a modest background in Britain, has not forgotten her root that’s the reason why she takes up social causes in spite of being busy with her innumerable projects and endorsements.

According to sources, the beauty flew down to a remote destination recently to protest against the menace of female infanticide in the area. Katrina vehemently protested against the act and said that serious action should be taken against those involved in female infanticide.

Katrina Kaif is treading the path of her mother Sussanne Turquotte, who is already active on this mission.

With regard to her career, Katrina is busy with ‘Tees Maar Khan’. And soon, she will debut as a producer in the adaptation of a French film. In the film, she wants to play the character of a scheming woman and has been closely studying Meryl Streep’s mean machinations in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’.


Priyanka Chopra Is Excited On Hosting ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’

Priyanka Chopra is extremely excited over her anchoring ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’, wherein she will put valiant contestants through some daredevil tasks. Chopra will commence shooting in August and the September season of 16 episodes promises to be a sure fire winner with PC at the helm of affairs.

“I’m not trying to step into Akshay’s shoes,” asserts Chopra in a newspaper talk. “If I try to I’ll fail miserably coz’ Akshay is the original ‘khatron ke khiladi’. I want to bring in my own personality into the show. I want to make it fun, lively, vivacious, youthful and funny too. I want to shake it up a little bit.”

Query her on her new found friendship with Ranbir Kapoor and the actor states, “I’ve known him for three years, but I got to know him better on the sets of ‘Anjaana Anjaani’ in New York. Ranbir’s a phenomenal actor, who keeps you on your toes, but he’s also great fun!”

Her now on, now off relationship status with Shahid Kapoor has sent the grapevine buzzing into overdrive and Chopra states sagely, “It’s a sheer coincidence that Shahid and I were in Goa at the same time. But so was half of Bollywood. It was designer Abu Jaani’s 50th birthday. Abhishek, Ash and a whole lot of others were also there.”


Rivaaz (2010) Watch Online

Starring :

Deepti Naval
Reema Lagoo
Meghna Naidu
Alok Nath


Ashok K. Nanda

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Phoonk 2 (2010) : Download Free



Phoonk 2 (2010) Watch Online

Starring :

Neeru Bajwa
Amruta Khanvilkar
Ahsaas Channa
Rishabh Jain
Anu Ansari
Ashwini Kalsekar
Amit Sadh
Ganesh Yadav
Zakir Hussain
Vikas Srivastav
Rakesh Raj
Chyan Trivedi

Director :

Milind Gadagkar


Paathshaala (2010) : Download Free



Paathshaala (2010) : Watch Online


Nana Patekar
Sushant Singh
Suniel Shetty
Ali Haji
Shraddha Arya
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Ayesha Takia
Swini Khara
Dwij Yadav
Avika Gor


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63 Reasons to Stop Smoking

Today I will be making a post a little bit different from the usual. It’s not that I’m for or against the tobacco industry, it’s just that during the months that I’ve been working on TutorArt, even before that I’ve encountered a few of these images that I’ll be posting today. Some of which have been publicized and others not, but have a look at them and think twice before you light up your next cigarette. This is dedicated for the people that are trying to quit smoking, or are thinking of quitting. Hopefully this will serve as an inspiration and a big motivation for you all.

The Smoke by lucaszoltowski

Smoking kills by uribaani

Smoking is Suicide- gun by kellykashcraft

No smoking by shaun velka

Antismoke by R.J. Reynolds

Smoke Skull by jor182

The Ripper Smoke by jor182

Smoke by gregor999

smoke by sicboi06

Blow Yourself Away (Anti Smoking Ad) by Alex Cornell

Hangman by Burak Kaynak

Don’t Smoke by roweig

smoking kills

WWF: Lungs

Regional Cancer Centre: Breast

Adesf: War, 2

Anti- Smoking Ad

ADESF: Lungs

ADESF: Stomach

ADESF: Heart

Dublin City Council Anti-Littering Campaign: Butts Are Litter Too

INEN Cancer Prevention Center: Ice cream

INEN Cancer Prevention Center: Crash test

INEN Cancer Prevention Center: Shave

INEN Cancer Prevention Center: Demolition

INEN Cancer Prevention Center: Zebra

Good Hope FM: Bulb

FPA Australia: Stub

Anti Smoking Help Line: Suicide

The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation: Deathbed

Tabaconomia : Calculates Tobacco Costs, Car

Best Anti Smoking Ad Campaign

smoking is suicide- noose

smoking is suicide- knife

Smoke Kills

anti-smoking ad

Smoking is injurious to SEXUAL Health

Passive smoke

yet another no smoking ad

CONAC Chilean Corporation Against Cancer: Brown

CONAC Chilean Corporation Against Cancer: Blonde

Adesf: War, 1

Gazeta do Povo: Glass

Gazeta do Povo: Popcorn


NHA: Time bomb

NHA: Pocket knife

NHA: Bullets

Cancer Aid & Research Foundation: Rope

Cancer Aid & Research Foundation: Knife

The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, Passive Smoking: Shotgun

Non-Smoking-Campaign: Smoke ring

Cancer Ads

Cancer Patients Aid Association: Bistro

Cancer Patients Aid Association: Motel