Jan 7, 2011

Top Ten Ways to Save your Wet Cell Phone

Top Ten Ways to Save your Wet Cell Phone

Top Ten Ways to Save your Wet Cell Phone
1) Do not Panic at all

You can make your phone when you follow the instructions at the right time. Stay calm and no panic. The key for solving this problem is a patience.

2) Remove your cell phone from the water

The water takes longer to enter your mobile phone. Glass of water, if spilled, and mobile phone charger is connected to mobile phones, please unplug the charger immediately. Most of the damage may occur if power is wet phone.

3) Remove the battery

Remember, the phone’s battery as soon as possible, otherwise the circuit on a cell phone were damaged by the impact to be removed. Circuits to survive in water to see if your phone has no battery or other connected.

4) Remove SIM Card

Contact list is the most important thing you want to hold the phone. Some people do not care to pay for your cell phone contact list again. There may be other important data on your SIM card. Sun wipe you register the SIM card with a dry towel or paper towel.

5) Remove all covers and external connectors

Make sure all covers, many gaps, remove slots open in your phone. If the water is removed in all possible areas of wet cell phone.

6) Use Newspaper To absorb Water

Everyone has a tissue sample at home. Do not panic, in this case, you can use paper that has a good ability to absorb water has. Do not panic if none exists, you can use a small towel to remove excess water from the wet cell phone.

7) Use ear-buds

There are some tight places in your phone where your fingers can not reach. You can use ear-buds to remove the water.

8) Place the phone near microwave

You can help your wet cell phone emitted near the rear exit of microwaves by a low heat to dry your phone space.

9) Place wet phone in front of an air conditioner

You can make your phone safe, before the humid air. The air conditioner has dry air and water evaporates faster.

10) Place the phone on top of a TV

This method does not work if you hang on the wall LCD televisions. However, when the output simmer TV screens at the top, you can dry your phone. This process may take some time to dry your phone, but the procedure, in cases where you will spend time with your guests instead of drying your mobile phone.

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