Jul 29, 2010

Latest Arabic mehndi designs | Pakistani Fashion

Pakistani Fashion

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Pakistani Fashion

Pakistani Fashion

Pakistani Fashion

Pakistani Fashion

Pakistani Fashion

Pakistani Fashion

Pakistani Fashion

Pakistani Fashion

Pakistani Fashion

Pakistani Fashion

Pakistani Fashion

Pakistani Fashion

Pakistani Fashion

Pakistani Fashion

Pakistani Fashion

Pakistani Fashion

Pakistani Fashion

Pakistani Fashion

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Pakistani Fashion

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Top 7 Movie Mistakes : Must see

Old movie. New watch? Watch it out!

You need to hold the trigger to shoot someone or...?

Hmmm.... Aero planes in the Trojan War?

Bows, arrows, ... and cellphones in the olden days?

N here comes I hope everyone's fav.........

Wow! In those days,... Adidas? Hmmm....brandedPirate!

but not as stupid as......

OR THIS ????????

No comment .............




Ways To Know You Are In Love......

The most common but most important feeling is the indescribable butterflies in your stomach.

When you can’t stop thinking about the person despite all your efforts, you may be in love. When the mention of the name is enough to bring a smile to your face, then you may have fallen in love.

When you start caring for the person more than you even care for yourself. However, there is a very thin line between caring about a person and actually loving a person. So interpret the feelings before you express your love.

If you feel, you can do anything or everything for him/her than you may be in love.

When after a hectic schedule and a bad day at work, a glimpse of him/her can make you forget about all the bad things that had happened to you that day.

When you feel you have become a better person after you have met him/her. All your doubts disappear and you feel happier and when you have gained more self-confidence.

You think about them when anything happens.

You always have desire to hug them.

You have a song that reminds you of them.

You laugh at all their jokes even when they're not funny.

You get jealous when they talk about the opposite sex.

Your heart skips a beat everytime their msn name pop's up.

They're the last person you think about before you go to bed, and the first person you think about in the morning.

You look at their orkut/facebook profile constantly or more than 2 times a day.

You talked with her or him late night and when you go to bed you're still thinking of that person.

You read their Texts and Ims Over and over again.

You walk really slow when you're with them.

You feel shy whenever they're around.

When you think about them, your heart beats faster but slower at the same time.

You smile when you hear their voice.

When you look at them, you can't see the other people around you, you just see him/her.

You start listening to slow songs while thinking about them.

They're all you think about.

You get high just from their scent.

You realize you're always smiling when you're looking at them.

You would do anything for them, just to see them.

While reading this, there was only one person on your mind.

You were so busy thinking about that person, you didnt notice number twelve is missing.

You just scrolled up to check & are now silently laughing at yourself.


Kaun HaiiIiiIIIiii.........???


After Superheroes Gets Retire : Funny

After Superheroes Gets Retire ..

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Coolest Rickshaw ever

Have a look below.

The Customers Lounge consists of

Cozy Plastic covered Seats

Stereo System with woofer and surround sound

Curtains to save you from Sun

a carpet to welcome you aboard and most importantly

a heart shaped head rest

Interesting Isn't it ?

That’s Not all, look below what he has got in the Drivers Section

This is infact a Multi Media Drivers Area.

you can find Remote Controlled DVD player,

Cassette Player, FM Tuner With a LCD Screen.

Apart from all this,

The Owner wears Ironed clothes and uses proper perfumes to smell good.

All this at no extra fare.

Oh My God !!! I haven’t got these features in my Car

Do you have it in your car ?

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31 Ways To Make a Girl Smile

1. Tell her she is BEAUTIFUL
2. Hold her hand at any moment even if its just for a second.
4. Leave her voice messages to wake up to.
5. Wrestle with her :)
6. don’t go hang out with you ex when shes not with you, you might not relize how badly it hurts her.
7. If youre talking to another girl, when you’re done talking, walk over and hug her and kiss her….let her know she’s yours and they aren’t.
8. Write her notes or call her just to say “hi”
9. Introduce her to your friends . . . as your girlfriend.
10. Play with her hair.
11. Pick her up (she loves it)
12. Get upset if another guy touches her and she doesn’t like it
13. Make her laugh
14. Let her fall asleep in your arms.
15. If she’s mad at you, kiss her.
16. If you care about her, then TELL HER(don’t be afraid to)
17. Every guy should give their girl 3 things: a stuffed animal(she’ll hug it every time she goes to sleep),
jewelry (she’ll treasure it forever), and one of his t-shirts (she’ll most likely wear it to bed) or sweatshirts sprayed with
his cologne!! and flowers or something occasionally.
18. Treat her the same around your friends as you do when you’re alone.
19. Look her in the eyes and smile.
20. Hang out with her on weekends
21.Kiss her in the rain (girls love this)
22.Kiss her just for the hell of it
23. If your listening to music, let her listen too. =)
24. Remember her birthday and get her something,even if its simple and inexpensive, it came from YOU. it means ALL the world to her.
25. when she gives you a present on your birthday, Christmas, or just whenever, take it and tell her you love it, even if you don’t (it’ll make her happy.)
26. Always call her when you say you will, it may not seem like it, but it does hurt her and makes her think you don’t care so call even if you can only talk for a minute. Girls don’t necessarily have to have hour long conversations every night but its nice for us to hear your voice even for a quick hello.
27. Give her wat she wants
28. Recognize the small things . . . they usually mean the
29.DONT hug her friends or your friends that are
girls cause she’ll feel left out.
30.hang out with her whenever you are free and u should be free to hang wit your girl friend all the time
31.If u care about her…SHOW her!(totally)

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