Sep 22, 2010

Bad Women

I’m surrounded by some bad women. “Bad” meaning good. Badder than the lyrics to LL Cool J’s song, “I’m Bad” or Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal,” forward leaning dance move. “You know I’m bad. I’m bad. You know it. Shum-on.
My entourage of bad women provides me with professional, emotional, and spiritual advice on a daily basis. My BFFs match Urban Dictionary’s definition of “Bad Ass.” What makes them so bad is that they keep it real, hold my hand through tough times, and make me feel like I’m the “baddest” of them all.
Around my girls, I’m lifted higher than a flyer on top of a vertical cheerleading pyramid; suspended in mid-air not afraid to fall. It’s during both difficult and glorious times in your life that you realize the importance of being around people who have your back 100 percent.
I challenge you to surround yourself with some “bad women.” Kick those women that weigh you down emotionally and physically to the curb. Tell them you don’t need their extra baggage in your life. Circle yourself around women that make you shine. Positioning yourself with great women will only lead you to the top, and push you to greatness.

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Cheating in exams Goes Cellular……

cheating of womanIn the fast paced life of the 21st century, cell phones have becomes a necessity. The manufacturers tirelessly accommodate one utility after another in these tiny gadgets, from cameras to digital note pads. You name it and your phone has it. Now making the use of this technology are all those who rely on a little “assistance” during the examination.
Normally, mobiles phones are not allowed in the examination centres, however, during the latest graduate level examination, it was noticed that students were not searched before the exam and therefore almost all of them kept their call phones with them. Since the vigilation was minimal, students made most of the opportunity and used their phones freely. In other cases, where the inspecting staffs is bribed to assist the cheating process or simply turn a blind eye to the proceedings, the students prefer to use the cell phones instead of pharas and other cheating material.
Female students who cheat in exam with their phones basically do so by putting on the “hands free kit” and then cover their heads with Dupattas, thus hiding the phones as well as the head set.
Students also store the required data in their latest mobiles phones (equipped) with word pad and this information is then not only used by the students himself, but it also shared with others by means of text messages.
The latest fad of Blue Tooth is also being used for cheating, the device enables a student to make a call with the head and ear alone, even if he/she does not have the phone with him.


Blasphemous Sacrilege of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)

All the peoples of the world belonging to different religions, holding different faiths, believe strongly that the Prophet of Islam (S.A.W.S) was on the peak of morality and the messenger of peace for the entire humanity. He taught the lesson of brotherhood equality and urged all the human being to live like friend and respect each other. He strictly forbade the Muslims to criticize the other faith and religion. He showed the people right path which leads to God. He was against the terrorism of any kind. He never spoke harsh words even to his deadly enemies. His instructions to the Muslims
soldiers were worth to do any harm to the old, to the women, to the sick and to the children on battlefield. He also forbade the Muslims soldiers to kill their wounded enemies, if they had taken shelter of the Muslims. How shameful it is on the part who tried to demoralize the status by dignity of such person who did not raise his sword and to kill his enemies. All believed that Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) was the friend of humanity and he spread Islam by his teaching and displaying character to the Muslims. They may live in any part of the world, love the Holy Prophet
(P.B.U.H) more than their own life to the mountain the dignity and status at the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H).
Such persons who are impertinent towards the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) deserve to be sinner that is why all the Muslims of the world are irritated by holding protest demanding the Danish to punch the editor and his collaborators who published the blasphemous caricatures in their newspaper.
“If any person disrespected to any of the God’s Prophet he is liable to be killed”.