May 6, 2010

5 Head Snakes - Must see this snake

5 Head Snakes: (Five headed snakes)
I am very eager to see Five Headed snakes... Have you ever seen 5 head snakes ? Many of the people have not seen such 5 head snake or 5 head serpents in real I guess. But we might have heard many stories based on the 5 head snakes. Especially in Purana (Indian ethics stories based on god). Many of the countries having such traditional stories. According to their stories / ethics it should be real it seems. Because I believe ethics is not always mislead us. In Indian ethics stories says god is dancing in the head of 5 Headed Snake... India have many stories based on 5 head Snakes.

Is that true ??
5 Head snakes really available??
Anyone have seen 5 head snakes??
five head snake photos got anywhere in India or World?

I got some of the 5 head snake pictures which I guess not the real one...

Today my friend gave me this photos which really I only read in stories... Its nothing about the Asian Snake with 5 Heads... You might hear about this "5 head snakes" . I really want to share the same to all...
5 head Snake

A Close Shot of this Snake ...

Five Head Snakes
The above one found near Mangalore, Karnataka, India.

5 head snakes

Five head snakes

My view about the above pictures are it may be the graphics...or photo edited one.

If it might be real then I have some questions ,
1) How it will eat with its 5 heads ?
2) Any of the skeleton for 5 head snakes found in the world?
3) Any museum have such 5 head snakes?

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Pakistani Boys fashion of different Areas

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