Nov 5, 2010

The Largest And Tallest Spanning Arch Bridge In The World

The Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Crossing designed by FXFOWLE makes it the largest and the tallest spanning arch bridge in the world. In a major international design competition, the architectural design of a 1-mile long and 673-feet tall bridge was selected by the country's Roads & Transport Authority. FXFOWLE's design makes the 6th Crossing, the largest and tallest spanning arch bridge in the world and is poised to join five existing Creek crossings (four bridges and one tunnel).


Modern Mirror Designs

Mirrors can be a great way to add some character to your bathroom or any other room for that matter, here is a collection of modern mirror designs.

Framed Prism Mirror

Clipboard Mirror

Skateboard Mirror

Polaroid Mirror

LED Mirror

Police Lineup Mirror

Surf Mirror

Windscreen Mirror

Funhouse Mirror

Rocco Mirror

Bungalow Wall Mirror

Essenza Wall Mirror

Fractal Wall Mirror

Edamame Mirror Set


10 Luxurious PC Mouse Models

Luxurious PC mouse models made of  dazzling diamonds, pure gold & gems or the rare genuine leather could lift anything ordinary to a luxurious extraordinaire. However, the finest expression of techno-luxury could be achieved only when the bling-bling is also accompanied with sleek design and full practical utility. The luxurious PC mouse, listed below, being made in mighty material and sporting exquisite style, cruise straight to the elite lifestyle of those who believe in the exclusive and the illustrious.

1. Gigabyte  Wireless Mouse:
The GM-M7800S 3D wireless laser mouse is wrapped in premium leather encrusted with glittering crystals set in beautiful fashion.
2. Python Leather Mouse By MJ:
The mouse you are looking here, It is made of genuine python skin, With gold finger plates
3. Gold Metal Sun Mouse from MJ777:
The mouse design you are looking here, It has pure gold body, and the price tag of $19,720.
3. MJ Blue Sapphire Mouse:
4. Crocodile skin Gold Mouse Ferrar:
The MJ Mouse Ferrari has got a killer shell made from crocodile skin, embellished with 18 K gold and inlaid blue diamonds.
5. Luxury VIP Mouse:
The fulgurant PC mouse sports genuine diamonds paired with dazzling white Austrian strass.
6. Black Diamond Logiteclh Mouse:
It’s yet another gem from the MJ treasure. The Logitech mouse is dipped in genuine black diamonds for in-depth luxury.
7. USB Mouse Covered With White Gold:
8. The Gold Bullion Wireless Mouse:
Designed like a mammoth gold brick, the Gold Bullion Wireless Mouse is an innovative piece with majestic gold shine.
10. Logitech Air 3D Laser Mouse in Gold Case:
Designed by the makers of extreme luxury, the Ukranian Art-Studio MJ, the gold Logitech Air mouse also includes a jewel micro flash Stick and a diamond ring.