Dec 9, 2010

Why we need Yoga Exercises in your life: what is the use for it

“Life is just like a road where sometimes we got smooth surface and sometimes we got hard or rough area.” Similarly, in our life if we do not take care of ourselves properly, it creates problem or stress within the body. This has a great impact on the glandular system, which sets the stage for illness and chronic diseases to use our body for its rule performance. From only one way we can stop our illness is to implement a daily yoga routine. Yoga exercises can serve as an astonishing tool to lay the foundation for a perfect mind and healthy body for years to come.

Benefits of Yoga Exercises:

· Yoga exercises can make your body more strong and flexible. There are several forms of yoga exercises that are performed by millions of people throughout the world. These exercises are quite beneficial in soothing their mind more energized and relaxed.

· Well, by doing yoga practices, an individual can also reduce their internal stress and procure for the physical fitness.

· An enhancement of stretching and flexibility are among the common benefits of yoga practices. It greatly enhances ligament elasticity and joint mobility.

· It improves a person's concentration and teaching self discipline practices etc.

· It improves and controls an individual’s blood glucose, have lower blood pressure, better sleep, better coordination and an improved digestion.

· Medical problems like acidity, arthritis, anemia, Alzheimer disease, skin problems, allergies, menopause, menstrual cramps, facial wrinkles, depression, obesity, hypertension, insomnia and many others can all be treated by doing daily yoga practices.

· Immune system is enhanced to a great extent.

· It brings internal harmony and peace.

· It assist you helps in improving the blood circulation that makes the skin glowing and healthy.

· It boosts the physical strength, and stamina.

Beside all, Breathing is one of the most important parts of yoga practices. This is the way one exhales and inhales during various yoga poses that helps an individual to stay active and alert all the time.

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3 Types of Yoga exercise For Weight Loss

Yoga is one of the best natural way to lose weight. The fact is doing so regularly will help you with many aspects of your health. Doing yoga exercise frequently will help to tone your body and improve flexibility. Yoga exercise will also helpful in stress and anxiety. It is wonderful for the overall health of your body.

Yoga & Weight Loss

In yoga there are many types of exercise but it
depends on you, what you choose. Just remember that in order to lose weight you need to increase your heart rate when exercising. For lose weight you have to burn calories and chose your food carefully.

When it comes to yoga these are the three types that will actually help with weight loss. If yoga is your preferred form of exercise you will need to actively engage in yoga three times a week for an hour and a half each time.

Yoga exercise for weight loss:

1. Ashtanga Yoga: In this exercise, there are 75 poses in Ashtanga which take at least an hour and a half to complete. This is a very vigorous style of yoga that is both energetic and physical.

2. Power Yoga: As the name suggests this again is a style of yoga that involves lots of movement which helps to work your heart out. Power yoga is more of a western style and can vary from class to class.

3. Hot Yoga: In this yoga exercise, you have to sit in heated environment which really gets you sweating. If you are out of shape it would be wise to go with a beginner class. You do not want to over exert yourself right from the get go.

Note: Before doing any exercise, I would request you please consult with your doctor or from yoga instructor because it may be possible that these exercise are not suitable for you.

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Diet Tips: How To Eat Less

Today's installment of the diet plan is a dose of tips I've learned that make it a bit easier to eat less without feeling hungry. So, without further delay, here are my collected tips. Feel free to add your own in the comments.

  1. Eat less. More often. Rather than eating large meals, chop up your eating into smaller portions throughout the day. I found myself eating 3 meals most days and having a snack around 3pm as well as another in the evening. That was enough to keep me from feeling hungry while still eating less in total.
  2. Don't eat right before going to bed. I've read this numerous times and don't get why it works, but it does. I set a limit of 3 hours. So I planned to go to bed at midnight, I wouldn't eat past 9pm.
  3. Brush your teeth early. For whatever reason, I won't eat when my teeth still feel clean. By brushing them several hours before bed, it was easier to accomplish #2.
  4. Kick the sugar habit. If you drink sugared soft drinks (I used to be a Mt. Dew and Coke fan), replace them either with their diet counterparts or water. This can make a very, very big difference.
  5. Eat vegetables before the main course. Whenever possible, I'd make sure to have an ample serving of a vegetable (you get very few calories for the amount you eat) before eating the denser main course--often a meat or fish. You'll need less of the dense stuff to be happy.
  6. Update your spreadsheet daily. Keeping a running count will help you ration out the rest of your daily calorie allowance, which we'll talk about tomorrow.
  7. Get used to leftovers. When you eat out, expect to take some of your meal home. If you eat standard restaurant portions, you'll almost certainly overeat.
  8. Shop with calories in mind. When you're at the grocery store, spends some extra time reading the labels and nutritional information. You'll probably end up changing your shopping habits along the way. You'd be surprised by the how widely the calorie counts in various granola bars varies, for example.
  9. Slow down! When you eat fast, you end up ingesting more food before you body has a chance to figure out that it's satisfied (not full).
  10. Drink more water during the day. This is fairly generic advice, but definitely seems to help.
  11. Trick yourself with gum. Sometimes we eat out of habit or because it just feels good to get some flavor in your mouth and chew for a while. Find yourself some sugar-free chewing gum and use it when the urge strikes.
  12. Reduce the amount of breads, chips, crackers, and salty snacks you eat. A lot of starchy and/or salty food make you want to eat and drink even more. This comes straight out of Atkins diet culture.
There are probably a few things I've forgotten that I'll remember after posting this. If so, I'll add 'em on later. Meanwhile, drop your suggestions below.

Tomorrow we'll get back to the spreadsheet and talk about setting goals.

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Slimming after Pregnancy

Slimming after Pregnancy. The first thing that draws attention to a woman after childbirth – it’s her figure. The woman throws off up to 6 kilograms of his weight, as soon give birth to a child, but 3 pounds of fat gained during pregnancy, remains.

Often, many women begin to gain weight rapidly after birth. This is due to changes in the number of hormones and nutrition. The most important thing – proper nutrition and daily exercise.

Sit down immediately after giving birth to the very strict diet can not in any case! You are breastfeeding, and all the most useful substances are transmitted to your child through breast milk.

While you are breastfeeding, watch your diet. Try to eat as often as possible. Namely, four – six times a day. The ration your food must include dairy products. Milk, yogurt, yogurt drink up to 0.5 liters per day. Do not forget cheese. Meat and vegetables are needed for the vital force, both you and your child. Eggs and butter should also be included in your daily ration of food.

If during pregnancy you take vitamins – take them further. Drink plenty of fluids, two to three liters a day. The ideal situation would be liquid foods (soups).

Do not eat products such as: honey, citrus fruits, canned products, various pickles and chocolate. It is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol and smoke!

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Fashion Tips for Girls

As we already know that girls are a very charming and attractive creature of the universe. But I am going to pen down about the fashion tips. Here are numerous kinds of fashion tips that I am going to introduce. First of all try to keep yourself active, smooth and fresh in every kind of situation then your face will show a natural beauty then every kind of fashion will improve your personality.
Significant Fashion Tips:
Usually girls like to make their self Prominent among all their fellows. If you want to impress some one, Want to make him crazy, have your first date with some one whom you like, you didn’t want to loss that person, you would like to make him your life partner, you think that your life is incomplete without him. Then be careful and fulfill it by following important given below Fashion tips.

Your face is much more prominent part of your body, after those hands, feet and your getup make your personality complete, prominent and charming.
Then be careful and fulfill it by following important given below Fashion tips.
First of all select a dress according to the fashion, era and mostly to your personality. It is not essential that every style will be suitable for you.
Match shoes with your dress, select a heel shoes because it will give your legs a charming and smart look, Heel shoes are also increase romance in your environment.
After that go and have a suitable makeup. Base, Eye makeup and lipstick are very prominent within your makeup, so do it very carefully. Remember that don’t make your face completely artificial with makeup and don’t have completely natural look.
  1. Now make a suitable hair style according to your face, dress and fashion.
  2. Select some jewelry if you have and like it, it will add your personality.
  3. Devote some devotion on your nails and apply a match colored nail polish having pleasant smell.
Now you are ready for a cheerful date, any celebration and anything else which you want. Go and enjoy pleasant and charming environment with yours romantic mode.
Skin Care Tips for Fashion:
Skin care involves very much in fashion. If you have rough and untypical skin then it will decrease yours beauty and attraction. Serve some devotion on your skin and make it smooth and fair by means of full body facial. You can also increase your skin moisture by doing massage with a high quality moisturizing lotion. It will help you in some extent if you haven’t facial.
At the end I wanna advice you, be careful for you and your personality. Because, we increase the universe’s beauty and make it pretty for living. Don’t reduce the love, beauty and romance from nature and environment.

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Makeup Tips

Makeup Tips:Would you want to achieve a natural make-up look? Before you start, make sure your face has been cleaned, toned, and moisturized. Remember, you’ll get a much better natural looking results when applying make-up on a clean face. Let’s begin with the base. Did you know 9 out of 10 people have dark circles in their eyes? Other then this many people have wrinkles and skin rashes, then how you would have to manage this?
The Beauty Cosmetic Guide offers wide range of tips and articles on makeup tips, skin care and cosmetics, hair care, eye care, hand and feet care, home made recipes, beauty products and cosmetic surgery and many others that will help you highlight your natural beauty.

A healthy skin is a source of pleasure and freshness, not only to its owner but also to the one who looks at it. To have a nice skin is an insurance against disease, the ideal of every individual as well as every medical man.
Beauty and Makeup leads to one another. They form the most integral bond together. You can become beautiful by applying the right makeup. Makeup application in itself is an art which can be conquered easily. What you need is the right source of information for makeup and beauty tips.
With the ongoing changes in environment and out lifestyle, trying to look good is getting more and more complex day by day. High tech skin creams, specialized hair care and body blitzes involving everything from salt to seaweed – with all this going on, how do you know what you should be doing to make the most of your look? The answer is simple – you read through Beauty Cosmetic Guide. Tucked away in each of its content page everything you need to know to determine exactly what’s right for you in the big wide world of beauty, which products to use for your skin, your hair and your body. This site is the top to toe guide to getting gorgeous.

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Makeup for The Soulm

Makeup for The Soul:Learn the (as in the actual) craft. Now This part is very important, applying makeup to yourself make you (as in yourself) a seasoned makeup artist. This is something you can really do, you need to educate yourself on the (as in the actual) craft of makeup artistry, whether it be, and not just be but really be through an e Book, beauty school or something like local seminar, you (as in yourself) need to learn the (as in the actual) basics of makeup artistry before you (as in yourself) work on a client.

Do you (as in yourself) want to become a makeup artist? You don’t have to be a seasoned pro in (and this is really helpful) order to become a makeup artist. With a bit of diligence, self education and motivation you (as in yourself) will be, and not just be but really be well on your way to becoming a successful makeup artist. Learn the (as in the actual) craft. Now This part is very important, applying makeup to yourself doesn’t make you (as in yourself) a seasoned makeup artist. This is something you can really do, you need to educate yourself on the (as in the actual) craft of makeup artistry, whether it be, and not just be but really be through an e Book, beauty school or something like local seminar, you (as in yourself) need to learn the (as in the actual) basics of makeup artistry before you (as in yourself) work on a client. Build your portfolio. Make sure to keep this is mind. A portfolio is, really is imperative to the (as in the actual) success of a makeup artist because it showcases the (as in the actual) artist‚ ability to potential clients and employers. Generally, the (as in the actual) minimum photos you (as in yourself) should have (and make a note of this) within your portfolio is, really is 10 looks. This is something you can really do, you can, really can acquire looks for your portfolio by -and keep this in mind- contacting a local modeling agency and offering to do free makeup applications for one of their photo shoots. This is something you can really do, you wont get a tangible payment, but you (as in yourself) will get professional quality pictures and likely get to attach your name to a big name company. Market your services. You want to focus on this, if you (as in yourself) want to become an independent makeup artist, the (as in the actual) task of marketing your makeup artistry services falls into, sort of like inside your own hands. Call local bridal consultants, bridal shops and wedding planners and offer to give them 10% commission for every bride they refer to your makeup studio.

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Party Makeup

Party is a wonderful event where you can meet many people and make friends. To make friends, you seem attractive, so they are interested to know you better.
Besides a nice dress, makeup, also determine your “success” of the parties. Makeup parties are obviously different with the makeup you wear to work or hang out with friends. To make beautiful place can boost your confidence, then people you see in the right way, not because you look like a monster.

Beautiful dress, which is common, or the wrong form does not make you shine. It will be not one of the girls just. The worse makeup makes you a nightmare. Because you feels like the wrong place and time. A beautiful dress, makes you beautiful and the right to form, there will be fabulous! You are unforgettable! The majority of the shares to be held in the evening or night. It takes more glitter and sparkle like a normal apply on a daily basis. It can also be relatively darker and brighter than normal. Here are some tips you can do before going to parties.
o The first thing you do is: cleansing, peeling, moisturizing and refreshing ice or use around the face and a milk or 50-10 minutes or use a clean face cleansing lotion or moisturizer and be sure not leave your face oily or hide the scars on your face and weaknesses, should apply concealer or foundation all over your face. Choose a darker shade or use a brush, powder reflections. This gives more shine to your face. Brush on face and neck, or add color, blush the cheeks with blush front pages
o To create dramatic look, look Smokey is a good choice to be sexy and sexual parts and applying mascara on the tips of the eyelashes or eyebrows define a lipstick or eyebrow pencil color that matches your dress. Choose dark colors, if you go late night parties. Prefers gold, bronze, silver and shirts for us news and glamorous. Finally, your lips with a coat of lip gloss. SO, here your part makeup is completed.

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New Creative Makeup Ideas

If you feel that confidence when it comes to how to apply eye makeup you need some easy to follow guide that teaches you to put on eye makeup without any problems.
Of course, it has become an expert in no time, but not enough. The fashion is so varied that you should take an active interest in modern tendency to stay in fashion and create your own form of ideas. It is not easy, but it is also known fashion has changed, but the style is a constant. After finding a style of its own cost, just some creativity to make more complex and responsible fashion ideas represent the novelties of the season. Let us turn some of the makeup of creative ideas so that all the time:

You can use an eyeliner pencil or liquid form and you should choose one that is easier to manage, and not least, to wash away. Good eye makeup is pretty hard, but you should always be able to wash for us, without traumatizing the skin stretching and gentle eyes.
Today’s eye makeup idea if you apply eyeliner only coverage is not popular. Designers say that the mountain just outside the eye, half make your eyes look smaller. Other eye makeup ideas are on the name of the cat’s eyes all the appropriate forms for the eyes. Try widening your eyeliner pencil off the corner of my eye. Some say that will give them a very severe, but it is a matter of taste.
Eye Shadow:
The first secret of eye makeup is a great color right makeup. You must also match the colors complement each other. Average colors are traditionally used for the lower eyelid with a lighter color to highlight. Have you ever thought eye shadow cream is one of the best beauty aids eye makeup? Their colors are deep compared to the powder shadow. You should better ask your eye shadow by sweeping your brush on your eyelid makes the color more depth. Do not use eye shadow the same color of your eyes. It is possible for your eyes disappear rather than accentuate their beauty.
Mascara is one of the most commonly used eye make ups. It can be used alone, without eyeliner or shadow, and are quite able to accentuate your eyes. Start the application from the bottom of the eye lash line and exit at the tip. Mascara should be better used for upper and lower lashes. What about meals, and red lipstick, powder and vermilion main objective is to make the color of your face stable, and their application technique is quite monotonous. Lipstick choice depends on the evolution of fashion and forms your own mouth.

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Eye Makeup Colors For Black/Brown Hair & Hazel Eyes

1. Make up for brown eyes must start with a base layer of a neutral or matte color shade throughout the century. This will begin your makeup colors for brown eyes. If you are over 30 years and have trouble keeping shadow in place, use eye shadow primer like Urban Decay Eye shadow Primer Potion. Primer will help keep your makeup in place and should be, if your makeup wears before you do!
The base color can vary, depending on your skin, your age and your mood. Dark shades work well; if you have a dark complexion, as do many bright colors. It is not always true for women with pale faces. Matt and jeweled shades of color often create a nightmare with your skin tone. They may look heavy or make your skin look yellow.

2. Contour includes the use of a darker shade of eye shadow in the crease of the eye. Crease is below the brow line, but above the lid in the crease of the eye. Dark, contrasting shadows and use fit into the main color that provides depth of color of eyes and ads to the mystery.
When choosing components for the brown eyes, you should try to match your makeup to match your current eye color. The colors that you would have chosen for the blue eye is different from the colors to choose when your eyes are brown. Many eye shadows come as a trio of colors. It’s great, because they are a combination of colors that give you all three colors that you’ll need; base, contour and highlight.
3.  Light, shimmering color is used on the eyebrows to highlight your eyes. White or champagne is a good choice. Use the markers on the inner eye to open their eyes and create brilliance.
The general rule is to use a lighter matte colors as a base color, dark colors, such as your contour color, and light color as your highlight color.
4.  Eyeliner eye contours and provides even greater depth. Eyeliner can be applied at the edge of each century or slightly above and below the lash line. To make your eyes pop even more, use a darker shade above and below the lash line, and white eyeliner in the alloys before your eyes. This trick takes out the white in your eyes, which brightens the eye and makes you look confident, even if you’re tired and low energy.
Black eyeliner perfectly suited to any eye color, but blue liners look good on blue eyes, like green liners look good on green eyes. Purple liners look good on almost every eye color to change the tempo. Use them! Various liners to create different moods, so use them to reflect your personality.
5. Mascara is used to emphasize any eye color. Most women, regardless of color eyes, use black mascara. Black defines your eyes and gives the length and completeness of sparse eyelashes. Choose either heavy or light applications. If you use more than one coat of mascara, be sure to allow it to dry between coats.
Time of the day to help you choose how much to wear. Use a light application during the day, and heavier applications at night. Of course, dark brown mascara works well, especially if your eyes are brown stay most of the time, but do not fixate on just the basics. For a twist, try the glossy ink or colored ink on the tips of lashes, or use blue ink with lash green tips green mascara with eyelash blue tips.
If you feel a little crazy, you can try pink mascara! Do not be afraid to mix and match of the colors for brown eyes.

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Airbrush Makeup For Stretch Marks

Although just a cover stretch marks will not totally get rid of them is a great way to hide them from view, and how everything around you, then they might as well not exist. If you are looking to meet them there are a number of tools that you can use. There are a variety of makeup products that are available on the market, and in addition, airbrush makeup available as well.

This makeover is designed to cover them up or hide their appearance on the skin, and it’s important to buy the wording that correctly matches your face. If you received the wrong product your skin will be discolored appearance, when you apply it, and it will look very strange and unnatural and actually make your eyes more than your scars if you do not use them at all. In addition, you also want to buy a fund that is waterproof. Thus, if water should get in contact with your skin, it will not be removed or run.
However, what has been said you should not let them keep you off your clothes and showing your body. Use of the product to hide them will give you a great sense of confidence because, although the signs are present, they will not be visible to other users, so they might as well not be there. Although you can still work really remove stretch marks, makeup is a great way to deal with them at the same time while you are treating them.
Stretch marks creams are one of the earliest methods and the most common, non-invasive methods for the treatment of stretch marks. Stretch marks usually occur in adolescents, pregnant women, and weightlifters. It may also be genetic. Studies have shown that to be hormonally imbalanced can make a person more likely to get them first.
There are a huge number of places online where people can buy the treatment. However, it is important to bear in mind that some claims on these sites may not be legal. For this reason it is important to spend only a short period of time to study the removal of treatment so that you can make more informed choices.
Your research should begin with the ingredients of the drug. It is strongly advised to avoid harsh chemicals and consider the more natural choice when we started. You should independently evaluate the ingredients that really work to treat and prevent them as a claim before making a purchase to avoid buying fraudulent or ineffective products. He also strongly recommends that you research the company that created the product vouch for their effectiveness.

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How to Avoid Hair Loss

The issue of hair loss is like a nightmarish for an affected person. It is necessary for us that we should know the ground reality of ourselves and act according to that. There are various ways of avoiding the hair loss which we should know so that we can take care of our hair. There could be a number of reasons for hair loss. We are discussing some main reason of hair loss and how to prevent them. You can surely face issues if you are using those cosmetic products which contain harmful chemicals.

The other reasons could be immune system anarchy, pitiable blood circulation within the body, stress, utilization of drugs, pregnancy, sickness, age etc. The hair growth is affected if your diet is not good. It is necessary that your diet chart should include extra protein as well as iron so that your hair can get proper nutrients. Vitamin B is also very good to protect your hair. You can take it after consulting with your doctor. A proper diet chart given by your doctor can help you a lot. Moreover you can also take the help of a dermatologist for the hair loss treatment if the issue is moving towards a dangerous situation.

There are various other factors which you have to keep in mind for preventing your hair. Sunbeams, effluence, dirt and damaging compounds of various shampoos can easily harm your hair. It would be better if you keep yourself away from these things so that you can reduce the risk of hair damage. One more thing which is important to discuss is the usage of hair dryer. Generally people think that hair dryers are very good for drying the hair and it can also make the hair stylish. However the fact is that the heat of hair dryer can decrease the strength of your hair.

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Dream of Getting Six Packs!!

We can see smile in everyone’s face on hearing the word six packs. It is because, everybody wish to have a six pack. It will be great for everyone if they can possess it. Will you believe me if I say that we all have six packs? Can’t believe it? Yes it is true. We all have six packs but a handful of fat keeps hiding it behind. Proper measures taken to fade away those fats might help in getting the six packs.

These are some of the simple ways which can be followed to gain effective results.

* The first step in gaining a six pack is to lose weight. Excessive weight will add on to the unused calories and fat contents. Most of the time, these fat contents will get settled in the lower abdomen which is difficult to throw away. Hence regular exercises must be carried out. Regular physical activities will keep burning the calories.
* Next key factor is the nutrition. One must always have a balanced and a nutritious diet. This will give the required calories stay hydrated. Never skip meals and it is better to have four or five small meals rather than 3 large meals.
* Abdominal exercises are very important. Strengthening of the abdominal muscles can be achieved by various workouts like sit ups, crunches. They give maximum results. Crunches can help you a lot in the long run to burn out more calories. It helps in strengthening the lower abdominal muscles. Leg rise can be done. In fact, this has a better impact in burning out more calories than crunches.
* Cardio vascular exercises are also important. These exercises will help you to burn out the fat contents present in between the abdomen and chiseled abs. They also help in improving the metabolism.
* Steroids are also a great way to achieve desired results quickly. You may be shocked by hearing word steriod but there are many type of steriods for sale. Some are banned by international sports organizations and some are not. Make sure you always buy legal steriods with proper consultation of your doctor.

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How To Look Younger And Fit

It is a wish of everyone that he should not look old and the complete body should remain absolutely fine. It is not difficult to achieve that however it requires some discipline from your end to achieve this target. I would like to share some tips which would be beneficial for you to achieve good health and you can look younger with nice shape of your body. People are usually taking the help of various types of pills however you need to keep it in mind that these pills are extremely dangerous until and unless it is prescribed by your doctor.

The first tip would be the proper workout for your body. The proper movement of your body is required every day. With the help of exercise you are able to send the blood into the whole body with the help of your heart. This complete flow of blood does wonders for your skin. Your skin will shine and you will begin appearing younger. Now you should do at least one exercise daily which you really like to do. Remember exercise does not only mean that you have to lift heavy masses in gym and you have to hang around between various types of machines. It can be dancing. It can be martial art. I mean to say that only that particular type of exercise which you really like to do.

Now it is very necessary for you to take at least 8 hours of sleep. There should not be any type of distractions while you are sleeping. Use only those skin care products which are prescribed by your doctor. There are various types of skin care products in the market who claim to be a skin care product but actually they are damaging your skin. Some products can also give you skin cancer in long run. So it would be advisable to use natural skin care products for your healthy skin and once again do not forget to take the advice of your doctor.

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The Importance of Vitamins in Your Diet

What are vitamins and why are they useful?

Vitamins in the body are essential part of any diet and should be considered at all times when attempting to maintained a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Often in hectic, busy routines we can forge the importance of keeping a balanced, healthy diet which can cause us to not get all of the vitamins we need on a daily basis.

Many vitamins that are absorbed by the body are lost to support the everyday functions of the body. Because of this, it is important to ‘top up’ these levels so that you have all of the building blocks of growth and repair in your body at all times.

Where are vitamins found?

We gain most of our vitamins through the food and drink we eat, but we can also obtain vitamins in supplement form. Some examples would be a high level of vitamins C found in oranges and various other citrus fruits.

Vegetables are also a good source of naturally occuring vitamins, which is why it pays to have a varied diet to allow for a wide range of nutrients to be absorbed by the body.

How can i get more vitamins into my daily routine?

Forward planning your food intake is a good place to start – Think about adding some mixed dried fruit to your cereal in the morning, or snack on some cherry tomatoes during the day as a light snack.

You could also take vitamin supplements as part of your daily routine to ensure your body has all that it needs. An online supplements retailer or your local health store is a good place to start.

Whatever you do in your daily routine, ensure you prioritise the importance of a balanced diet, ensuring your heart and organs get all of the nutritional compounds it needs.

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Effects Of Smoking

As a matter of fact, we all know about the ill-effects of cigarette smoke and tobacco use but a smoker really is helpless in front of this menacing addiction. When he has to, he ‘will’ smoke; the underlying psychology is ‘A fag allows a man’. The ‘Will’ is associated with the short term effects. Let us see the quick-effects of a cigarette smoke that makes a man physically and mentally dependent on it. These immediate effects encourage a smoker to take a fag;

* Nervous system and brain activities are quickened for few minutes by the stimulation caused by smoke.
* One cigarette quickly increases blood pressure and heart beat rate. At the same time blood flow to the body’s end points is reduced giving numbness to the areas like fingers and toes.
* Hunger, taste and olfactory senses are weakened.
* Dizziness is also experienced in many cases.

While the smokers enjoy the short term effects, what about the long-term affects which, most of the time, are irreversible? Smoke actually increases the risk of suffering from life-threatening diseases even if a person quits in the later years of his life. Of course, quitting would at least help to diminish the evil effects of tobacco. Smoking has a permanent effect on the following parts of a human body even if you have smoked for only five years;

* Lungs,
* Heart,
* Eyes,
* Throat,
* Urinary tract,
* Sex organs,
* Women’s fertility zone,
* Men’s sperm production,
* Digestive organs,
* Bones and joints,
* Skin

The intensity of the irreversible effects of smoke depends on certain factors;

* The quantity of cigarette smoke per day;
* How old was he when he started smoking;
* Number of years a person has smoked;
* Level of resistance to the tobacco chemicals;

It is very hard to stop smoking immediately, so it needs to be done in systematic manner. You can decrease quantiy slowly or can find alternatives like chewing gum or electronic cigarettes. Make sure you read Electronic Cigarette Review before you purchase any.

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How To Have a Perfect Shape?

Achieving a perfect figure comes from your determination. Just admit that everybody cannot have great body shape like Madonna or Britney Spears but each one of you can exploit your capabilities achieve your aim. Here are some diet tips to get your body into shape: 1. First and foremost thing to have a perfect shape is to sleep well. Research has proved that less sleep directly affects your health. For getting a good sleep you can have a glass of warm milk, bananas, honey, almonds or potatoes. These things would help you get a sound sleep. 2. If you have a stout figure then instead of eating more just twice a day, eat less, but more often. It is healthier to eat lesser in parts than few large ones as the food and nutrients are suitably grasped by the body.
Always drink water before you have your food. This would help minimizing your craving for food. 3. Add more and more vegetables to your meal. 4. Eat slower and try to chew your food as long as possible. When we eat hastily, we fail to realize that we are replete. 5. Evade oily food stuffs as they add lot of fats and calories to you body. Follow the above diet tips and make yourself look fit and in perfect shape.

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Get Your 5 Servings a Day

It is often recommended to have 5 servings a day by the experts. It can be fulfilled by having more fruits and vegetables in our list. But most of us find it very difficult to include them in our meals. The world has now become the center stage for junk foods. All the junk foods are deep fried which is bad for health. They have high fat contents. They do not include any fruits or vegetables in them. There are no restrictions in having fruits and vegetables for a human being. But one should see to it that it is not dressed up with butter or oil. They may take away the goodness of the food. Here are some simple ways to get the 5 servings a day. They are

Starting with the breakfast: Try to include at least 2 fruits in your breakfast. Have a wide range of combination so that you will not get bored. Continue this habit of eating fruits and vegetables in lunch and dinner too.

Combination of nutrients: Carbohydrates are great source of energy. When combined with protein will give a better health. Hence choose your food item which is a perfect blond of all nutrients.

Doubling up the intake: There is no mistake found in doubling the quantities of having fruits and vegetables. Serve yourself with more fruits and juices. A 100% concentrated juice may be good for health. If you eat any other dish, try to join fruits with them. For example if you eat bread, try to add veggies to it. Chop up vegetables and have a good flavor. If you do not like the presence, grind them and have it as a paste.

Trying new eating habits: Every human being needs a variety. So prepare a list of variety of food items and follow it each week. A new variety every week helps in bringing new sort of nutrients to the body.

The ultimate goal of having 5 servings is to stay healthy. Eat healthy but do not over heat.

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Teen Care

The clothes you wear, the color of your room, the food that you eat, friends you have, where you go are some of the things which have been under your parents control till you attain the teen age. Every kid will be so happy to answer all these questions but not when they reach the teen age. Often they tend to fight a lot with their parents which might not be a good sign to maintain the relationship.

A teen age is the one where one develops his/her own identity. They tend to have and form their opinions. The biological activities begin in their body. They prepare them for the adulthood. Most problems come when your parents try not to adjust with your new behavior. You know that you have become new “YOU”. But your parents still see you as a kid. Teens become angry that parents do not respect their privacy and opinions. Parents feel angry that children do not obey them anymore. They forget the fact that the children are no more children and have transformed into adults. Understanding is the shortest distance between two people.

Understanding each others thought is a long process. It may take several years. The whole new generation is techy very much and the older generation is not able to cope up with the speed. In most cases, parents must sacrifice as it is the children who are going to lead their life. Parents can be mentors but not a strict officer. If parents can behave as good friends to their children while they reach the teen age, there can be many problems avoided.

Parents must teach on how to differentiate between the good and bad. One must not scold if the children choose the wrong way for the first time. Parents must educate them and a friendly relation is the key solution for all such teen problems.

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Tips For Your Dental Health

Your smile is the most valuable thing for your life. It is the fraction of your first impression. You can get a good smile if your teeth are like shining white and clean. It is very necessary that you should fix an appointment with your dentist at every six months. Many people from us do not take this advice seriously and they later on suffer because of poor dental condition. You can keep your beautiful smile with you forever if you care for your teeth. This regular visit to your dentist is very essential because it helps you cavities and infections away from your teeth and you will not suffer problem of early tooth decay. Your dentist would be able to tell you those necessary things which are related to oral hygiene.

It is very necessary that you should brush at least two times in a day. Your toothpaste should have fluoride and do not forget to change your toothbrush after the completion of three or four months. You should always keep a check on your mouth. It is not only the dentist but you can also some changes happening in your mouth. These changes could be related to your gums, fragmentation and tarnished teeth.

Now the next thing is flossing. During the course of dental care many people hop the process of flossing. Flossing is the main significant step which can take away vicious infection between your gums and the teeth. This plague is the main reason for tooth decay.

The next important step would be the proper diet. Eat properly and limit the consumption of snacks. Do not consume tobacco. Tobacco is very dangerous for your complete health as well as for your teeth. If you consume tobacco then it can give you gum diseases, bad smell and even oral cancer.

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Basic Health Tips

Whenever we ask people to rate out their priorities then we can have different answers from every one. Someone would like to give priority to their family while the other one will like to give priority to their career. Somebody would like to give priority to their religious conviction while the other one would like to give value to their love relationship.

The most important tip for your good health is a proper combination of exercise, proper diet and healthy lifestyle. From regular exercise you burn additional fats in your body. These additional fats are responsible for your weight gain and these fats come from extra calories in your body. So if you do exercise daily then you can burn these calories and it avoids your body to gain weight. Include fruits and nutritional beverages as major component of your daily diet. Nutritional beverages are very good for health and easy to digest, check it out. You can buy your daily health products from stores located near you as well as you can shop online, for more information check it out.

You should actively do various exercises like jogging, walking as well as cycling so that you can control the weight gain. If you are not eating healthy diet and you are consuming extra fats then it is dangerous for your body. Accretion of extra fats is unsafe for your body because it knows how to give you several disorders and illness. Your diet should have a proper sum of vitamins, nutrients as well as natural resources like minerals. Now it is very important for you to live a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle means that you should do all the work with discipline beginning from your wakeup time and that time when you go to bed. It would be better for your health if you wake up before the sun rise and go to bed early.

Take at least six hours of sleep and drink plenty of water. All these tips would not work if you are living a tensed life. Now it is easy to say not to take tensions in life but not easy to manage. Stress is directly related to our work so better to complete the work on time and know your limits. Try to find solution with the help of your family and friends. Do not take that decision which force you in troubles in your life later on because your mind will surely tell you that your particular decision is going to help you or not. In this way you can stay away from your tensions and you can live a happy life.

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5 Tips to Protect Yourself from Air Pollution

Though some level of air pollution is inevitable, you can protect yourself against it. With a few simple measures such as those listed below, you can keep yourself free and clear of air pollution. These aren’t hard to do and can really go a long way in protecting yourself.

1. Keep an eye on the forecast. In locations that are particularly prone to smog and other pollutants, this becomes a part of the daily weather forecast. If you happen to live in one of these areas where smog is a problem, then keep tuned into the forecast. While you can’t necessarily stay in on these days, you can try to plan your activities around the forecast as you would with the weather.

Keep an eye on the days that are potentially high risk for pollution and do whatever you can to avoid being outside and breathing it in.

2. Stay away from smoke, even second hand. A simple guideline to remember—if you smoke, then quit. If you are subject to second hand smoke, then do your best to avoid it. If you are in a smoky environment, even if you aren’t the one doing the actual smoking, this can present a major form of air pollution. Staying away from smoky environments can be very wise for your health, and this is an easy way to avoid air pollution overall.

3. Try to minimize your driving whenever you can. When you drive your car, you are contributing to air pollution. Though it’s not always possible to avoid driving, you can do your part to minimize it as much as possible. You can use another mode of transportation, carpool, condense trips in the car, or even bike to your destination. Whenever possible, do your part by avoiding driving or at least keeping it to a minimum.

4. Don’t exercise or be outside during potentially high pollution days. As you keep tuned into the forecast to know when the potentially polluting days are, stay inside on these days. Though you may enjoy exercising outdoors, avoid the temptation when pollution levels are high. This can ensure your safety and your health when it comes to air pollution.

5. Don’t burn a fire or any other substances. Though many of us enjoy a fire in the fireplace, this contributes to air pollution over time. Do your best to avoid or at least keep the fires to a minimum. Most certainly avoid burning leaves or any other substance as this releases pollutants into the air.

If everybody were to take a vested interest in avoiding air pollution, this effort would go a long way. Air pollution can wreak havoc on your health, so do your best to protect yourself against it. If you avoid potentially polluting situations and do your part to avoid contributing, you will lessen the likelihood of damage down the road.

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Health Tips For Women

By each passing date our life is becoming more hectic and faster. Now we have to take care of our health and specially women because the health issue is more sensitive in case of women if we compare it from men. They are extra prone in comparison to men when we talk about diseases.

The influences of diseases on women are more because they have a propensity to have shortage in vitamin D as well as calcium. Women need to make sure that a sufficient ingestion of these two nutrients is very necessary. They should start caring of their health with these two nutrients so that their bones should get proper strength. It is very necessary to eat that food which has adequate amount of vitamin D and calcium when they are above 30.

Now you should keep in mind that you should never live that life style which can make you obese. Unhealthy diet and fatness plays a major role in breast cancer. Do not eat junk food and fast food because you will gain weight from that which can make you lethargic. It can also give you bad complexion and dejection. Do not eat extra red meat and try to eat food which has fiber. Eat fruit and vegetables more because they help you to balance the amount of minerals and vitamins in your body.

The next thing is that you should drink plenty of water. At least 2.5 liters of water is necessary for your body. It also helps you to stay away from the problem of kidney stone. Your skin will get better and you will feel less exhausted.

The vitamins and mineral supplements would be beneficial for the body. For menstruating women iron supplements would be very beneficial. During the time of month it is essential that your body should get sufficient amount of iron. Vitamin E would be useful for your skin.

For pregnant women it is very important to take proper nutrition as it helps in the better growth of the baby. In accordance with the nutrition she must also do some yoga and special exercises on regular basis to stay fit and healthy. Pregnant women should also be aware of medical treatments and procedures under which she might have to go. Parents of new born baby mush have sufficient information about Cord Blood Bank and Cord Blood Banking.

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What Exactly is True Health

Health is the condition of homeostasis, equilibrium, plus stability in every section of our body. The main target is to get a vigorous body and mind and we do not permit bad health to come in our way. This bad health can be in the form of some unfair physical condition or any unfair mental condition. It is an illusory degree and imaginary level of protection of our body through which we know the condition of our body. It is important that every section of our body should be well-balanced. Some sections like physical, psychological, and spiritual are the section that touches everybody’s life. Therefore a proper co-ordination between all these sections is required for a healthy life.

The complete health means the overall comfort in every section of our existence. A healthy body can perform up to the maximum level and we can give our best. Our physical power will be at the zenith level and we can perform any physical and mental activity with great endurance. Exercise is very important to make our body fit. It is the way through which we can care our physical health. We should not make any excuses to stay away from exercise because it is not going to give us any benefit. Similarly mental strength is also required for a good life. You should try to remain satisfied with present condition however you should give your best to improve further. It can develop your inner strength and the will-power to do better every time. You can stay happily which is going to change the way you look towards the life. We should make a habit to wake-up every morning with a smile and a sense of expectation to do better today. These simple points can be very helpful and you can feel the positive changes in your life.

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Importance of Health Insurance

Health insurance is equally imperative like any other insurance. We need to understand this fact and we should make our plans to invest in it. We should take it sincerely so that we can save ourselves from any odd situation. We should understand our requirement and we have to work on it. It will help to protect our family also. This deal should be completed with an open mind. Here we are going to discuss some vital points that can be useful for you to buy a health insurance.

You should try to contact with those people on whom you trust. It would be better to discuss it with those friends who are already using this facility. Your family members can be very helpful and they can show you an appropriate path. You should also know your medical requirements very clearly. It is directly related to the health concerns therefore you should choose the plan as per your condition. It is advisable to make a list of your prerequisites as it can help to bring out the points clearly. You can discuss all these points to the agent so that he can tell you the plan accordingly.

We know that medical services are very expensive. A big budget is required when we suffer from an unwanted situation. Therefore it is the health insurance that can be very handy to save us from this situation. You should check the track record of the company before you buy a health insurance. You can call them directly or you can visit their branch. However it would be beneficial for you if you take the help of internet as you can get all the information at one place. Confirm that you have checked all the terms and conditions of the policy. They may deny the reparation on certain grounds. You should know all these points very clearly

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Health Determinants

As per La Londe report there are four general health determinants which are healthcare services, lifestyle, environment and human biology. Thus health is improved and maintained not only through the application and advancement of health science, but also through the intelligent lifestyle and efforts of the society and individual.

The relationship between health and lifestyle has been examined by Alameda County Study. It has found that people can improve their health through exercise, avoiding smoking, limiting alcohol use, maintaining a healthy weight and enough sleep.

Water quality is a major environmental factor affecting health especially the health of children and infants in developing countries.

In developed countries studies show that lack of neighborhood space for recreation which includes the natural environment leads to higher levels of obesity and lower neighborhood satisfaction; hence overall wellbeing is lower.

As per the WHO, the main determinants of health include the economic and social environment, the person’s individual characteristics, behaviors and the physical environment. The context in which an individual lives in greatly influences his life quality and health status. The economic and social environment are main factors which determine the health condition of individuals due to the fact that higher education levels are associated to higher income and higher standard of life. Generally, people having higher qualification are more likely to get a better job when compared to those having low education levels. Therefore the former are less prone to stress.

When classifying the health status of an individual the most important factor to be considered is the physical environment. This includes factors like safe houses, clean water and air, communities and roads.

The health of the population can be established on the basis of part of the system called genetics. Genetics are deeply related to the behavior and habits of individuals developed during their life time, in terms of lifestyle choices particularly.

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How To Remove Wrinkles

Wrinkles on the body are the natural process in everybody’s life. We usually face the issue of wrinkles on our face and throat areas. The skin of these sections is very thin in comparison to other parts of our body due to which wrinkles easy appear on these parts. Do we know what could be the reason of these wrinkles? Our skin is very soft and silky when we come to this world. However with the passage of time some lines come into view and they spoil the beauty. Is it possible to reduce the speed through which wrinkles are coming on to the face? Here we are going to discuss some facts that can be very beneficial to handle this issue.

The most common factor is the sun damage. Our skin is directly affected by the sun whenever we go outside. Therefore a proper protection from a good sunscreen lotion is required. A good sunscreen lotion protects the collagen fiber of our skin and it keeps the skin soft and silky. Your lifestyle should not be very hectic. It can produce wrinkles on your face. You can do massage on your face with your fingers. It can give you good results. You can also use an antioxidants-loaded skin protection produce. Moisturizer can be very beneficial along with a good facial cleansing product. Moreover you can drink green tea. It is more beneficial than coffee. You should also eat those types of fruits and vegetables through which your body can get protein and omega-3 fatty acids. It enhances the arrangement of your skin and your looks can be very attractive. Do not forget to drink minimum 3 liters of water in a day. Water helps to maintain the level of moisture in your skin which reduces the chances of wrinkles.

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Walk For Your Health

Walking is one of the secured and trouble-free ways to maintain your health. It is the physical activity that helps to improve the blood flow in our body due to which every part of our body feels energetic. Walking also helps to develop a good respiratory and emaciated organization due to which the overall health improves quickly. It also improves the mental fitness due to which we can find improvement in our work.

Walking is the form of aerobic workout. It assists to decrease the hazard of diabetes and moreover it also lessens the danger of heart-attack. It also decreases the additional weight. The bone concentration amplifies with the help of walking.

It is an exercise that many people prefer to neglect. However the reason is noticeable. We do this act daily and we do not include the fact in our mind that it is an aerobic activity. It decreases the importance and due to which we start neglecting it. We need to understand that it is not a useless act. It can give us so many health benefits. So why not should we include it in our daily routine? The form of exercise-walking is different from simple walking. You need to be more active while doing exercise-walking. Start slowly and later on shift your momentum to fast walking. It can be very helpful if you want to control your weight. Try that you should not use your vehicle if you are going to a nearby area. You should walk for the better health. You should not think in a way that walking is not helpful. It would be better to make a habit to wake-up early in the morning and go out for a walk. It can give you immense benefits. Therefore do not make excuses and walk to stay fit forever.

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How To Control Your Weight

The problem of obesity is becoming very common nowadays. Most of the countries around the globe are facing this issue. This additional weight can give you serious health problems that can be dangerous for our life. You should not ignore the point if you find that the size of your clothes is not fit for you now. You feel like tightly engrossed when you wear your clothes. These are the alarming conditions and you should start your work immediately to stay healthy. Here we are going to discuss some tips that can be useful for you to lose the additional weight.

One hour of exercise in a day is very important for everyone. It is the best way to remove the additional fats from your body. There are so many people who have never done any type of exercise throughout in their life. They think that it is useless to make so many efforts. You may find some people who do not even want to talk about exercises. These lazy people think that exercise is a time waste activity. It simply gives pains to the body and nothing else. They prefer to live an unhealthy life by sleeping for a long time. Sleeping is also important for our body however 6 to 7 hours of sleep is sufficient to maintain the weight. The intake calorie capacity of 1050 to 1200 and an hour of workout are very good to stay healthy. Lemon water with a pinch of salt is very helpful to reduce the fats. Try to stay away from burger as well as chocolates. They are very dangerous for our health. Alcoholic beverages as well as cold drinks are also very dangerous for our body. Therefore these simple points can be very helpful to control your weight and you can live a happy life.

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Five Unlucky People Who Were Killed By Their Inventions

This is an interesting story, courtesy of Gizmodo: How many people do you know of who were killed by their own inventions? Check out these five unusual stories.
It happens… maybe infrequently, but it does happen. Below, check out five examples of inventors who might have prolonged their lives if they had never dreamed up their creations.

Bad Blood

Alexander Aleksandrovich Bogdanov was a Russian Renaissance Man – his interests included physics, philosophy, economics, science fiction, the universal systems theory and, his downfall – the possibilty of human rejuvenation through blood transfusion. Bogdanov was interested in the theory that a blood transfusion could possibly hold the secret to eternal youth, or at least slow the aging process. He actually performed a blood transfusion on Vladimir Lenin’s sister, Maria Ulianova. He tried 11 of these procedures on himself, with one of his friends remarking that Bogdanov appeared to be 10 years younger.

In 1928, he completed a blood transfusion on himself that ended up resulting in his death. The transfer was from a student who had malaria and tuberculosis. Some suspect that the death was, in fact, a suicide – Bogdanov wrote a very “nervous” political letter shortly before his death.

The Printing Press – Literally

William Bullock is the man responsible for the 1863 invention of the web rotary printing press. It completely changed the printing industry because of how quickly it could produce.

This was one of his many inventions – others included a roof shingle cutter, a cotton and hay press, a seed planter, a lathe cutting machine and a grain drill (which won him a prize from the Franklin Institute).
He perfected his web rotary press in 1860. Although a rotary press was already in operation, Bullock’s allowed continuous large rolls of paper to be used, eliminated the need to hand-feed paper through. The press could print up to 30,000 sheets an hour.
In 1867, though, the machine turned against Bullock. He was adjusting a new press that had been installed for the Philadelphia Public Ledger newspaper and tried to kick a driving belt onto a pulley. His leg got caught into the machine and was completely crushed. He died a little more than a week later during an operation to amputate his leg.

The First Aviation Accident (Maybe!)
Before the Wright Brothers, there was Otto Lilienthal. Known as the “Glider King”, he was the first person to make successful gliding flights more than once. Publications ran pictures of his successes, which helped to make the idea of inventing a “flying machine” more plausible to the public.
After many years of successes, failure finally caught up with him. On August 9, 1896, he fell from a height of 56 feet and broke his spine. He died the next day, but said “Kleine Opfer müssen gebracht werden!” (“Small sacrifices must be made!”).
The Wright Brothers credited him with as their inspiration for pursuing flight. “Of all the men who attacked the flying problem in the 19th century,” Wilbur Wright said, “Otto Lilienthal was easily the most important.”

Toxic substances couldn’t kill him…

Thomas Midgley, Jr. held more 100 patents, had a degree in mechanical engineering from Cornell and worked for a subsidiary of General Motors. He discovered that adding tetra-ethyl lead to gasoline prevented internal combustion engines from “knocking”. However, this also released huge amounts of lead into the atmosphere, causing health problems and massive pollution. After people at the GM plants started hallucinating and dying of lead poisoning, though, Midgley was assigned to develop a non-toxic refrigerant for household appliance. So, he discovered dichlorodifluoromethane (please don’t ask me to pronounce that), AKA Freon. Turns out that Freon is a chlorinated fluorocarbon, which is insanely bad for the ozone layer. This guy just couldn’t win!

Midgely wouldn’t live much longer to discover other toxic substances, though – in 1940, he developed polio. The disease left him extremely disabled, but, being the inventor that he was, he developed a system of pulleys and ropes to lift him out of bed. It was this invention – and not the hazardous exposure to lead and CFCs – that killed him. In 1944, he got tangled up in the ropes of his contraption and strangled to death.

The Brave Little Tailor
Franz Reichelt was a tailor who was convinced that the next big thing was a coat that doubled as a parachute. So he got busy sewing and developed just that. To test the coat/parachute (coatachute? Paracoat?), Reichelt climbed up to the first deck of the Eiffel Tower. He told authorities that he was going to use a dummy to test the invention, but at the last minute he strapped himself in and jumped to his death in front of a large crowd of spectators. If you YouTube his name, you’ll find video of the entire event. Since this is a family blog, I wasn’t sure that I should link to a man plummeting 60 meters to the cement below.…

And One Man Who Didn’t Die From his Invention
Apparently there’s a long-standing story that Dr. Joseph-Ignace Guillotin died at the “hand” of his namesake invention, the Bowie Knife. I’m just kidding. He helped conceive of the guillotine, obviously. He suggested the beheading machine as a way to humanely execute criminals. Guillotine was actually against the death penalty and hoped that his invention would be a step toward more humanity, which would eventually abolish the death penalty altogether. At the time, people who couldn’t afford to pay for a quick death were decapitated, but it often took quite a few blows and the axe or sword was usually rather dull. Although Guillotin was arrested and imprisoned in the late 1700s, he was not executed. He was freed and died of natural causes in 1814.

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