Apr 2, 2011

What is the world's smallest mouse?

If you are constantly on your computer all the time and your hands and wrist get tired from working the mouse all day long then maybe this smallest finger worn mouse is just your ticket to freedom. If you have a geek in the house, this would be one of the best presents you could give.

The EEM-GTMS-300BK is an optical 800dpi module that fits on just one of your fingers. He comes complete with two buttons, a scroll wheel, USB connectivity, 400dpi/800dpi optical resolution, and a fold up design for maximum portability.
The small mouse only measure 2.3 x 2.7 centimeters.


What is the world's longest definition in the English dictionary?

Although definitions of words differ with different dictionaries one word seems to have the longest definition in most of them.

The unimpressive word set, with only 3 letters, 2 consonants and 1 vowel, takes the cake when it comes to long definitions.

According to thefreedictionary.com the definition of set is as follows:

set 1
v. set, set·ting, sets
1. To put in a specified position; place: set a book on a table.
2. To put into a specified state: set the prisoner at liberty.
a. To put into a stable position: set the fence post into a bed of concrete.
b. To fix firmly or in an immobile manner: He set his jaw and concentrated on flying the plane through the storm.
4. To restore to a proper and normal state when dislocated or broken: set a broken arm.....

Actually the definition just keeps going and going, in fact we counted 6,672 words and 37,463 characters in the definition of set, so if you really want to see the entire world's longest definition you can find it here.


Latest Nishat Linen winter collection of 2011

The Nishat Group has been a leading business entity in South Asia. Nishat Mills was founded in 1951 and has grown to be a leading conglomerate in Pakistan, specialized in the high-quality production of yarn, greige fabrics, apparel fabrics and retail packed home textiles. Nishat Mills is now the largest, most modern, vertically-integrated textile mill in Pakistan, comparable to the superlative multinational facilities operating in the country when it comes to management and product quality. Nishat Linen prides itself on being the brand of preference for discerning customers who are in search of things, unique and chic. (Official Source).
Nishat Linen has strong brand image due to its quality fabric and uniqueness of style and design according to the latest trend and fashion line. In order to contribute in fashion world Nishat group made best practices and produced high quality fabric with dashing world level designs. Today I will introduce the latest designs of Nishat Linen for the current winter season of 2010-2011. Nishat Linen winter collection of 2010-2011 includes variety of colorful designs and famous trendy outfits of world level dresses.

Girls of this era are playing an important and key role for Pakistan economy and you can found them active in various kinds of fields especially in fashion industry. So in order to improve their personality and keep them up-to-date Nishat group plays a vital role. Following are the very best and gorgeous designs of Nishat Linen for 2010-2011 winter collection.
Shiny colors are very demanding for winter clothing due to the sun shine as dull colors also have their own importance, but to be shine in the shine of winter sun shine Nishat Linen will provide you the best, you are looking for.

This gorgeous design of Nishat Linen is one of the best designs of Nishat Linen 2010-2011 winter collection. The design consists of two color theme one is dull and the other is light which ultimately gives a strong and powerful look to the embedded design as well. Self embedded flowers on the fabric surface gives beautiful look to the dress. As far as the outfit is concern, this is an open long kurti coat designed gorgeously. Red color embroidery at the border of both sides of the open coat looks so impressive and the collar style award this a modern look.

Cool affectionate of this winter will bring with Nishat Linen winter collection of 2010-2011. This is a simplest but the best Nishat Linen design for this winter of 2010-2011. Simple chocolate color flowers are being fetched on light creamy color Nishat Linen fabric and this amazingly looks so elegant.
The dress has long casual kurti with wide chalwks paired with casual loose trendy wide bottom trouser. Reddish purple color lace is being used to nourish the lower bottom of kurti and to develop the V shape overlapped neck style. Kurti has half sleeves with cuffs.

Blue color always demanding in winters and for this winter of 2010-2011 Nishat provides shocking and twinkly blue color Nishat Linen design. Design has fetched and embedded shapes and flowers which give extraordinary look.
Dress is being designed on the same pattern as the above dress has. Same casual kurti paired with bell bottom trouser which is trendy. Round shape neck style is being developed with the best matched lace work which gives beautiful and strong look to the dress. 

Another dashing and incredible design of Nishat Linen from Nisha Linen Collection of 2010-2011 is front of you. The design is being developed in influence with Artistic work so one can title this design as Nishat Linen Artistic Design. Blue color shades and their combination dramatically give beautiful look.
The dress is being stitched according to the latest fashion trends. Sleeve less kurti pattern has V shaped wide neck style. Simple and casual sleeve less kurti is being paired with same color trendy bell bottom trouser.

Simple navy blue color design from Latest Nisha Collection of 2010-2011 winter seasons is front of you. Design has small objects which placed in a systematical way and brings gorgeous output in the form of beautiful design. This Latest Linen design is being used for the development of cultural dress because it suits this. Cultural design fabrics is being used as doppatta and the same fabric is being used at lower bottom of the kurti and to develop cuffs.
Simple long kurti outfit has round shape wide neck style with full bell bottom sleeves which has different style cuffs. 

Simple black color fabric is also the part of Linen Collection of 2011-2012 winter seasons. The fabric has softness and special thickness of Nishat Linen.
The dress is being stitched like a frock in fact it is frock. Round shape neck style with full sleeve pattern is very common in frock styles. You can use embroidered colorful doppatta with this gorgeous Nisha Linen black article.

Laetst Nisha Linen Designs of winter season 2010-2011 also has some fancy designs which can be used in parties such as wedding parties of this winter season.
This beautifully embroidered with thread work design of Nishat Linen can be used as wedding party dress because this has fancy look and stuff work. Design consists of very fine thread work and the floweral and leaf style is being fetched to give more shine to the dress.
Outfit of the dress is trendy and long kurti along with bell bottom trouser is being stitched. Full sleeve pattern along round shape neck style is being chosen. Beautiful and fancy embroidery is being done at bust to make this Nishat Linen design of winter season more beautiful.

Fashion repeats itself after some time. Nishat Linen Collection of winter season 2010-2011 also has some designs which influenced by the old fashion and designing techniques.
This dress has gorgeous leaf style design and has light embroidery work. Beautiful black and white embroidered Lace strip is being used at Neck style and bell bottom cuffs.
Long kurti has bell bottom sleeve pattern along with V shaped cultural neck style paired with bell bottom trendy trouser.

This design especially designed for cold season of this winter. Nishat Linen winter collection amazingly has something for everyone for every time period. Black color background has beautiful colorful tiny objects design which look so hot.
Long kurti has beautiful patch of embroidery that is being used to develop bust style at kameez. 

To wear casually the New Collection of Nishat Linen for fall 2010-2011 also has beautiful designs. The following design is superb and the best for casual dressing in this winter season. The dress consist of short kurti like shirt and an over coat which has half sleeves. Side borders of over coat are being designed with beautiful and colorful embroidered Lace strip. Over coat also has a strip belt to hold and tight it over the shirt.
Hope you will like our detailed analysis of New Designs of Nishat Linen for winter season 2010-2011, and will enjoy this winter season with Nishat Linen winter collection of 2010-2011.

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Salwar kameez | Ladies Kurti / Kurta | Colorful Dresses : Part 2

In these incredible collection the designer represents the new look of Ladies Kurti / Kurta and Salwar Kameez. Which have bit work of embroidery and colorful fabrics. In these collection the spicy colors are adopted for moder teen-age parties because now a days teen age girls like these types of spicy and colorful dresses for wedding parties only. But in casual and refreshment parties this color pattern is not adopt. All of these dresses have beautiful churidar salwars. 

As umbrella frock fashion is already in and quality designs, garments companies and boutique are already introduced there appreciable umbrella frock designs that's why the designer of salwar.com also show his interest in umbrella frock. These umbrella frocks is highly adoptable fashion as compare to open-shirt and gown kameez. Because only umbrella frocks can represent the real beauty of a slim girl. These umbrella frocks have completely new looks as compare to my previous posts. These frocks have little touch of culture when we see the embroidery work. These types of dresses are highly appreciating in current parties like wedding function. 
All these dresses are taken from salwar.com just for sharing the latest trend of ladies kurti / Kurta with colorful patterns you can easily buy these dresses from their official website. Regarding any copyright issue you can contact us.

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Salwar kameez | Ladies Kurti / Kurta | Colorful Dresses : Part 1

Salwar kameez (also spelt shalwar kameez or shalwar qameez) is the dress worn by both men and women in South Asia and Central Asia. It is a unisex dress similar in manner to shirt and pants worn by westerners. Traditionally, it has been worn in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Punjab (a region shared by both Pakistan and Northern India). It is the official traditional dress of Pakistan. Since the 20th century, women in Southern India have also adopted this dress complementing the Sari, the traditional dress of India. Wiki
As Salwar Kameez is a traditional dresses of South Asia but now a days it is rapidly changing in stylish designs. Most of the dresses designs modifying the salawar kameez according to the modern trend, like Kameez is converting in the Kurti, Frocks, Umbrella Frocks, Open Shirts and Gowns which are reshaping of the Traditional Kameez and Salwar is also modified into the Churidar Pajama, Trouser Salwars, Indian and Pakistani Pajama and Patiala Salwars. Lets checkout the Latest Salwar Kameez and Kurti Designs in colorful Patterns for Parties.

Patiala Salwar, Which follows the Indian Punjabi Patiala Culture, The Designs introduced a huge Variety of Patiala Pajama / Trouser in Market and Boutiques. Both of these dresses have Indian Patiala Trouser with short kameez / Kurti. This patiala fashion always look beautiful with short kameez or new designs of Salwar kameez instead of long kurti because only with short kurti the patiala trouser is prominent. The kameez of both dresses are designed for parties instead of casual season. These dresses have heavy and fancy work of embroidery which is also representing the Indian Patiala Culture.

Here we will discuss the re-modification of frock which was the culture of Mughilia Season (Mughal Dress Culture). The frock fashion was very common and most wearable dress in Pakistan and India, and yet is adopting as latest fashion for parties and functions. But these dresses which I am going to discuss with you is these modern and fancy frocks which is only wear like in India. These frocks are small in length, Fitted (according to the body) and have beautiful embroidery and fancy work in dresses. These dresses may common in India but in Pakistan and Bangladesh there are some religious barrier to adopt these modern look of Frock. Frocks are always uncompleted without Churi-Pajama, that's why these dresses have sparkling / shining look of churidar-pajama. The designer designed these short frock dresses especially for parties / night parties.

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Latest Salwar Kameez Fashion | Umbrella Dresses

Shalwar Kameez Fashion in winter is so common and its reliable and sizzling when use with shawl. Here we are with some brand new designs of shalwar kameez relevant to winter season. All the stuff is superb and implausible for winter. Designs are really superb and you will like all these. This latest Shalwar kameez trend gives comfort to wear in winter season. So let’s have a look on dashing designs of Winter Shalwar Kameez Umbrella Designs.

This is a fancy colorful winter shalwar kameez with beautiful design and outfit. Long umbrella kameez with chooridar shalwar in matching color looks so pretty. Kameez has V shape neck style with collar; long sleeves have cuffs of different color fabric. Strip border at lower bottom of umbrella kameez looks so beautiful. Fabulous flower embroidery is being done at kameez and doppatta as well.

This shalwar kameez Trend is just awesome and really fit for winter parties like wedding, anniversary etc. The work of strip and lace on kameez enhances the beauty of kameez. Round shape neck style is being developed in such a fabulous way and designing is being done around the bust. Full sleeve pattern looks very common in winter so designer use this. Beautiful lace work on bust, neck, cuffs and at lower border of kameez is really superb and looks so pretty. Frock type kameez with slim fit shalwar is a part of our theme today and the dress has this possession.

Fancy Umbrella Kameez with chooridar shalwar in red color is purely a dress for wedding parties. Loose fit umbrella kameez have simple lining pattern of design but very attractive this is. Readymade embroidered tattoos of flowers are being fixed on sleeves and at lower part of the kameez. V shape neck style with full sleeve pattern is common in all dresses. You can change the color of dress but the design will possess the same look in other colors as well.

This is a fabulous min blowing creation of designer. Black color fabric has red and golden color embroidery work which looks so pretty. The design is just awesome and too good for bridal parties. Long semi umbrella kameez pattern with chooridar shalwar is slightly being modified in this dress. V shape neck style with full sleeves has Lace at border and cuffs which looks so perfect with the theme of the dress. Red readymade roses gives more beauty to the dress.

Beauty in white; if we title this dress like, than it can’t be wrong. This dress has some cultural work on neck and at bust. Doppata is also being nourished with beautiful work of lace and embroidery. Embroidery at neck style looks so pretty. Umbrella type kameez with chooridar shalwar in white color is a simple but decent dress for this winter season. You can buy easily these dresses from official website of cbazaar.


Famous Hair Styles | Stylish Hair Fashion | By Rukaiya

Stylish Rukaiya Adamjee has made a comeback to the world of fashion and style with an aesthetical approach focused on modern beauty. Luxurious locks take centrestage with makeup used to accentuate the features that the Pakistani woman possesses. Instead of creating looks that only works in glossy magazines, Rukaiya captures the true essence of the modern woman, by asking her clients to be a part of this shoot – these are gorgeous, modern, progressive woman juggling careers, academics and families. The only model here is Fayezah Ansari (left) with the sharpest short cut. By Style Magazine.
Here we are going to share some brilliant and stylish hair fashion of Rukaiya. She represent some of her famous and stylish hair style containing different hair fashion for casual and parties also. Lets have a look on these these Stylish hair styles.

It's a short hair style with casual look. Now a days short hair style are mostly adopting by those women who remain busy in work and not have enough time to maintain them. So these hair styles are mostly appreciation as casual look also for those girls who wants to look different as compare to other girls who have medium and long hair style. 

It's a full layer cutting hair style with stylish look. These types of hair styles are mostly adopted by teenage girls as casual look. These shoulder cut style with layer cut are suitable for only slim girls.

It's a shoulder full step hair style with little curly style. These dye hair styles are mostly adopted by young and chic girl. 

These are long hair styles with curl and beautiful hair style. Hair cut, makeup and coordination: Rukaiya @ Rukaiya’s Salon
Photography: Shamyl Khuhro
Drapling: Rabia Sppmro

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Latest Western Styles of Indian Kurti

South Asian dresses gradually gain fans in West and mostly girls really likes South Asian dresses and designs. Western designers build South Asian dresses according to the western traditions and styles. South Asian dresses like Saree, Lehnga and Shalwar Kameez are being modified in West to style them differently. Here we have some western styles of Kurti (Shalwar kameez) for you which have completely new look and designs according to the modern stylish trend .

This noteworthy chooridar shalwar kameez is in western style. Design of fabric is just fabulous and stroking. Sleeve less tight fit long kurti pattern of kameez is most famous outfit in west for chooridar shalwar kameez. Designer gives an extra Western touch to the dress and use thin fabric strip at bust and at lower border which looks gorgeous. 

This printed kurti in West is wearing like a skirt. This skirt shaped kurti has loose casual length with umbrella outfit which looks so beautiful. Sleeve less pattern of kurti influenced by Western culture. This Western Kurti has wide V shape neck style modernly designed. Use of strip like a belt is a good stylish addition to the dress. 

Western girls influenced by sensational South Asian dresses due to beauty and combination of colors. South Asian dresses are more colorful than Western dresses even though they are casual and routine dresses. This Sensational Chooridar Shalwar kameez is very famous in west due to some western modifications in it. Neck style is purely based on Western designs. One shoulder less style is very common in western outfits but rarely in South Asian dresses. This superb Kurti has beautiful design with min blowing western outfit is really got number of fans in West.

Another same style outfit is front of you. The outfit and pattern is same but the design and fabric is different. This can be wear in summer season because the stuff is light weight and the color scheme is also lighter.

In West, South Asian kaamdar (Embroidered) dresses are also very famous but not too much embroidered. This slightly embroidered and strip worked chooridar shalwar kameez is best for Western Sout Asian chicks. Sleeveless kurti has beautiful strip and embroidery work at bust and at lower border of the kameez which makes this dress fancier. 

This dazzling chooridar Shawlar Kameez dress purely have Western outfit. Just look at Kurti and you will notice western blouse style at neck of the kameez. The short pattern of kurti looks like a semi frock type kurti which is fabulous. Sleeve less kameez pattern have wide and long V shape neck style based on Western demand.

This dazzling and dreamy outfit is purely based on Western culture. This is just like a short kurti or an open coat having long and wide collar, can be wear with skirt and trouser as well. Beautiful strip work with stylish collar is just amazing and fabulous. All these western dresses are taken from official website of cbazaar.com just for sharing latest trend.

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Winter / Autumn Fashion | A Winter's Tale

It’s that time of the year again when the skies turn an inky blue earlier and earlier, and the stars that dot the blue shine with a cold intensity. What better time than this, then, to slide into a decadently smooth fabric in the very same colors as the sky? Qandeel of Mausoon is thinking winter in this collection, as she cuts and drapes material in deep shades of blue and the ever-classic black. The clothes fall sinuously around the body and swirl and hug in all the right places, to show off her light-hearted side, qandeel drapes a scrumptious salmon outfit with retro polka dots but just on the sides. ‘Tis the season to be dressed great, after all.
As fashion depends on the season and brings a lot of changes in designs and patterns so in this Fall/ Autumn 2010-2011 Season Fashion come with latest designs according to the trend. In these dresses Qandeel introduced some decent dresses for chic girls contains frock, Gowns, kurti and other latest dresses, lets have a look....

Most of these dresses are in decent black and contrast colors. These dresses have some glamorous look for chic teens and have latest style of gowns, Frock, Kaftans and kurti/kurta blouse. These dresses are designed for winter 2010-11 and looks like a party wear dresses.
Designer & Coordination: Qandeel, Photography| Munna Mushtaq
Hair & Make-up: Saima, Model: Huma Khan
By: Instep Magazine

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